Tesla Tuesday for my wife, getting rid of our last gas car ever, a 2005 Honda Civic

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    Ready for departure!
    We both went for even more efficient cars than we already had, and let's be real, those Civics were more like 30 mpg and 25 mpg in the winter.


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    Disclosure: My family owns no stock in Tesla. Tesla doesn't advertise at TinkerTry, or anywhere else, and this is not a sponsored post. We financed the purchase of two Tesla Model 3s, replacing my 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid in December of 2018 and replacing my wife's 2005 Honda Civic EX in December of 2019. These big moves to an all electric household were an expression of our mutual desire to go green, avoid gasoline, be safe, have fun, and save money in the long run. Mostly for my job, I drive a lot, 25,000 miles in 2019 for example, and I thoroughly enjoy sharing what I've learned with you. I hope you can tell!


    Tonight, my wife and I are departing for Tesla's dealership in Mount Kisco New York, to pick up her Model 3 Standard Range Plus, which is currently the most efficient electric vehicle available. We need to be sure we're ready to take delivery as scheduled at 11 am tomorrow, even if we have to walk from our hotel to get there in the snow. You see, there's 2-4" of snow followed by sleet predicted tonight, but we're both off from work tomorrow and we don't want to jeopardize taking delivery this year. Rescheduling just might do that. The $1,875 Federal Tax rebate goes away Dec 31 2019, and we know we're currently eligible for the $1,500 Connecticut CHEAPR rebate too, which only applies to this more affordable model, a $4,490 step up from the special order base Model 3 Standard Range model. After the EV Connecticut CHEAPR EV rebate of $1,500, and the $1,875 federal tax credit, our car cost including all delivery fees will be $37,415, before state sales tax. In 2019, the average purchase price for a car bought in the US is $36,843.

    It's really quite awesome to see my usually rather tech-averse wife converted from skeptic to enthusiast with one test drive last November. That was when we were weighing whether we would get a new car for my travel-heavy System Engineer job. After having no car payments for over a decade, jumping back in to financing a car was a huge decision.


    My wife didn't do the test driving, just me. But turns out she was already sold. I learned this when she mentioned months later that the the reason she waited for many months before taking my Model 3 out for a drive was that she was afraid she'd like it too much. Translation, we needed to get comfortable with getting rid of her 2005 Honda Civic EX and taking on another car payment. I’ll admit I was relieved that she was interested in the safest car. Also one that got increased from 240 miles of range to 250 miles of range last month with an over-the-air software update!

    Along came August of 2019, when she needed her first tow. Blown head gasket, something we've dealt with before, with 3 failed repairs back in the 90s, and a lot of lost resale value. So this was a little like PTSD. Time to test drive my car, she did. And was immediately enamored with the go pedal.

    Along came November of 2019, when her Civic needed its second tow. This time, a steering pump failure, in extremely cold weather. Argh!. Of course both tows were needed when I was far away at work, completely unable to assist in a meaningful way.

    All confidence was now lost in her ability to safely get to where she needs to go for her work. With our sons now grown up with jobs of their own, it was time to talk. Given her short commute most days, the model that absolutely makes the most sense for us just so happens to have arrived just a few months ago, thankfully. It's the Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus.

    We placed our order online on Thursday, November 14 2019 and took delivery 33 days later on Tuesday, December 17 2019. This is pretty fast, considering it takes over a week to truck these across the country from the plant in Freemont, California, and that many Model 3s made near the beginning of the quarter are shipped overseas to be able to deliver them by the end of the quarter.

    Annie Sragner is one of the many friendly hard workers at Tesla Mount Kisco.

    Why Westchester-Mt. Kisco Tesla? Because Connecticut has this crazy idea that it's good to keep Tesla from opening a dealership in this state. No biggie, they even withhold Connecticut sales tax for us, provide temporary plates, handle new Connecticut plates and registration via mail, and they even fill in the Connecticut CHEAPR $1500 rebate paperwork too. Driving 60 miles away to pick up a car isn't exactly a big deal for me, having covered 24,000 these past 11 months and 3 weeks of owning my Tesla Model 3 Long Range All Wheel Drive. The best decision we ever made, especially given I get reimbursed 56 cents per business mile. Also the best tech thing we ever bought, with current low interest rates definitely helping too. For us, Tesla Milford Connecticut can provide service, but Tesla Mobile Service is increasingly the even more convenient way to go for routine service and repairs right at home or at work.

    It's the safest car ever tested, but at a lower cost of ownership than BMW in 3 years, and lower than a Honda Civic or Toyota Corolla in 5 years.

    Now about the gas powered mower and snowblower in my garage, seen pictured below.

    Enough said from me for now, more to come. It's time to hit the road now, in our 2018 Tesla Model 3 Long Range!

    This is the new price based on a recent $500 price increase. Yes, demand is that good, even with over half a million Model 3s on the road already. They can afford to do this minor price increase. FYI, the 5-8 weeks of wait time reflects their typical pattern of shipping more cars from their California factory overseas for the first month of the quarter.

    Dual Tesla Model 3 Charging

    Taken Dec 16 2019 - My 2018 Tesla Model 3 at left, her 2005 Honda Civic EX at right.
    Taken Jan 05 2020 - My 2018 Tesla Model 3 at left, her 2020 Tesla Model 3 at right.
    Taken Jan 11 2020 - My 2018 Tesla Model 3 at left, her 2020 Tesla Model 3 at right. You can see why I suspended the Mobile Connector from my garage's ceiling, in a way that wouldn't obstruct the garage door when opened. Nothing to trip over, and ample room to get around the car too.

    Dec 17 2019 Update


    After our brief overnight stay at Holiday Inn Mt. Kisco, we picked up our new car today right at 11am as scheduled. All went well, with no issues noted! Only 8 miles on the odometer. The paperwork took a mere 10 minutes to complete. The tweets pictured at below-right pretty much sum it all up.

    Wife is happy with the comfy seats, great GPS, Bluetooth loud speakerphone, the list goes on. She already totally in love with the traffic-aware cruise control, and the Lane Assist, when weather permitted her to test those. This was her first time trying those features. Thankfully, both are now base features, so you don't need to purchase the optional Full Self Driving option to get those huge road-trip stress relievers. She also quickly realized how taxing it is to keep your lane in slush and snow and wind, with veering trucks all around to keep things even more interesting on our challenging drive home.


    Another purchase decision I failed to mention yesterday is the safety factor, it's huge. My wife has been struck numerous times in decades of driving, never her fault, with some serious injuries. It changes one’s thinking about risks and the one life we have.


    Following her today in her old Civic really demonstrated how much better her new Model 3 rear wheel drive performed even in this ice and snow, especially when she had to hit the brakes hard on two occasions. For long road trips or deeper snow, we'll continue to use my 2018 Tesla Model 3 AWD Long Range, whose ownership experience I've carefully detailed at TinkerTry.

    I have lots of known-good accessories to install tonight, pictured below. This is totally enjoyable for me, doing this for my wife. Time to go now, we both have work tomorrow!



    These figures were locked in as of our order date of Nov 14 2019. When you place an order, your figures will differ. As with any car, pricing is subject to change. For example, all Model 3 prices recently went up by $500, and the $1,875 Federal tax credit is gone in 2020. I still figured you'd might like to see what the delivery paperwork actually shows, copied-and-pasted and screen-shotted below:

                    Motor Vehicle Purchase Agreement
                        Vehicle Configuration
                        Description                             Total in USD
                        Standard Range Plus Rear-Wheel drive       $4,490.00
                        Rear-Wheel Drive                               $0.00
                        All Black Partial Premium Interior             $0.00
                        Pearl White Paint                              $0.00
                        18’’ Aero Wheels                               $0.00
                        Autopilot                                      $0.00
                        Model 3                                   $35,000.00
                        Partial Premium Interior                       $0.00
                                                     Subtotal   $  39,490.00
                                               Destination Fee  $   1,125.00
                                             Documentation Fee  $      75.00
                                                    Order Fee   $     100.00
                            Transportation Fee (if applicable)  $       0.00
                        Order Modification Fee (if applicable)  $       0.00
                                                         Total  $  40,790.00

    So for us, the final cost to our family is calculated by adding state tax of 6.35% for vehicles below $50K (7.75% $50K or above) then subtracting subsidies from the total, like this:

                                   Connecticut Sales Tax 6.35%  $   2,590.17
                            Registration/Transfer/Titling Fees  $      98.00
                                                      Tire Fee  $      10.00
                                                     Sub Total  $  43,488.17
                                     Connecticut CHEAPR Rebate  $  -1,500.00
                                            Federal Tax Credit  $  -1,875.00
                                                   Grand Total  $  40,113.17

    These 2 pages of our actual MOTOR VEHICLE PURCHASE AGREEMENT pictured below lay it all out for you. They were made available to us electronically via our tesla.com account soon after taking delivery, I merely blurred out private information.


    Dec 18 2019 Update


    My wife headed off to work with a smile this morning, and a mere 98 miles on her odometer today. As she backed up, that funky space-ship backup sound was evident, but pleasant. Her white Model 3's looks in the snow had me thinking Stormtrooper on this beautiful New England day.

    She has assured everybody she knows she'll never go back to a gas car again. If you know anybody with an electric vehicle, they're likely to say the same exact thing. You need to test drive one to understand. Certainly nice to do far less harm for the environment than any hybrid could ever dream of, especially if you have solar. EVs are cleaner, and cheaper to operate.

    Dec 19 2019 Update



    Dec 24 2019 Update


    Had a minor issue, since resolved. Here's the details.


    At around 4pm, I accepted Tesla's offer to download and apply the update to 2019.40.50.1 on both our 2018 Model 3 LR AWD with FSD and HW2.5, and our 2020 Model 3 Standard Range Plus with no FSD and HW3.0. The complication was that we were both far from home, guests in the driveway. I used their home's WiFi for the 2020 parked closer to the house, and my Personal Hotspot for the 2018 parked further away. Having done 24 successful updates with my 2018 over the past year (which TeslaFi tracks for me), my confidence was high it would go fine. I knew there was some risk, but I was also hoping to give a demonstration of the new ability to keep our hands on the wheel with the newly expanded voice recognition commands. Or so I told myself. I really wanted to see those new visualizations too.

    So as we drove home on the highway, the 2018 behaved normally, with no new visualizations. This was as expected since its HW2.5, manufactured in November of 2018. Unfortunately, the made-in-December 2019 2020 Model 3 didn't show any visualizations at all, it even lane lined. This new issued persisted, and yes, I had turned on the "Full Self-Driving Visualization Preview." My son and wife couldn't even engage Autopilot, or cruise control, indicating an error, "Cruise control unavailable". The symbol for cellular signal strength had a line through it, seen pictured at right. A reboot while driving didn't help.


    Once home, another reboot with the foot pedal pressed didn't help either. Another reboot and a quick test drive, and the LTE symbol came back, but still no visualizations. Once back home on WiFi and parked again, I then went into Software Updates and found we were stuck at a mysterious "Game Update available" message. Connecting to various known-working WiFi networks didn't get rid of it the message.

    Googling around, I found this Software download stuck thread on Tesla Motors Club forums, with various stories of stuck downloads, and various ways of resolving them. The vibe seemed to be wait and see what happens. I then pulled out all the stops to try to restore my wife's faith in her new Tesla, using the app to "SCHEDULE SERVICE", set for Mobile Service at home in January 13 2020. I also contacted Tesla Support via our shared tesla.com account, providing the same description of what was wrong. I knew full well that nobody from Tesla was going to be available for a live chat at 11:30pm on Christmas Eve, looking for an email reply. I then went to sleep hoping for a little Christmas miracle.

    Dec 25 2019 Update


    Gladly, the problem simply vanished. Driving to a relatives house, to our pleasant surprise, the visualizations were back. So was Autopilot/Cruise Control. No idea whether a human or an automated process at Tesla fixed it, or some local overnight cache cleanup job. I’m just glad it's gone! The "Game Update available" message is also gone, this is good. Back to the fun and joy of ownership. I’m glad we managed to (mostly) avoid what could have been a bigger bump in the road.

    Dec 26 2019 Update

    Tesla Model 3 New Visualizations Demonstrated! [SR+ w/ HW3.0 and no FSD, 2019.40.50.1]

    We were confident enough that the problem was fixed that we canceled the pending service appointment.

    Dec 27 2019 Update


    Received an email with a subject line of "CHEAPR Application C-10XXX – Reminder to Submit Support Documents" today, reminding us that Tesla of Mount Kisco will need to file by the end of January 2020 for us to receive our electronic deposit of $1500. Here's a copy of the attachment pictured at right, and a copy and paste of the email below, with the email address and application number redacted:

    From: CHEAPR cheapr@energycenter.org
    Sent: Wednesday, January 1, 2020 12:00 AM
    Subject: CHEAPR Application C-10XXX – Reminder to Submit Support Documents

    Dear Paul Braren,
    Thank you for applying for a rebate with the Connecticut Hydrogen and Electric Automobile Purchase Rebate (CHEAPR) program. This is a friendly reminder that the required supporting documentation for Application Number C-10387 must be submitted by Tesla by 1/31/2020.
    Supporting documentation needs to be submitted by your dealership within 45 days of the date of purchase or lease, 12/17/2019. If we do not receive the supporting documentation by 1/31/2020, your application will be cancelled and the reserved funds will be released. Please reach out to your dealership to ensure this step is completed on your behalf.
    Feel free to email or call with any questions you may have about the program.
    CHEAPR Staff
    Center for Sustainable Energy

    Jan 01 2020 Update

    Everything is going well. Software 2019.40.50.5 was only offered to my car on 12/30/2019. So far, her 2020 SR+ seems to be lagging several days behind me, despite 2019.40.5.1 arriving simultaneously.

    The only issue with the vehicle seems to be a very slight misalignment of one edge of the rear bumper, and a slight misalignment of a rear headliner seam. Certainly nothing worth making a separate service appointment for.

    Some more noteworthy things my wife isn't going to miss at all include:

    • Gas finger smell from gas stations.
    • Annual emissions inspections.
    • Gas taxes.
    • New Connecticut state law in effect Jan 1 2020 that extends registration from every 2 years to every 3 years

    So once our Connecticut plates arrive, essentially all we need to remember to do is install them, pay our town property taxes, and request our $1,875 Federal Rebate off our 2019 tax return.


    We're both also relieved that:

    Jan 05 2020 Update



    Tesla Model 3 New Software v10.2 Visualizations Demonstrated! [2020 SR+ HW3.0 no FSD, 2019.40.50.1]
    2020 Tesla Model 3 SR+ HW3 2019.40.50.7 visualizations / GoPro HERO8 Black 4K/60 fps HyperSmooth 2.0

    Jan 12 2020 Update

    Taken Jan 12 2020, using the new Tesla Cable Organizer 2.0 that was released on Jan 6. The chassis holder supports the Mobile Connector from the bottom or the top, and the cable organizer bracket is keeping my wire slack up high and out of the way.
    Taken Jan 12 2020, now using the Tesla Cable Organizer 2.0, keeping wire slack up high and out of the way.

    Jan 25 2020 Update

    I have found four fairly minor fit and finish issues, and Tesla Service Milford CT has addressed them. I'm picking the car back up on Monday, and will update this article at this time.

    Feb 16 2020 Update

    As of today, the entire car and accessory purchase phase of getting this car comes to a nice close, with the announcement yesterday:


    I've created a 4K video of my purchase experience from within the Tesla App while parked, with both the phone and the car on WiFi. This purchase immediately triggered an automatic reboot of our 2020 Tesla Model 3 SR+ screen, followed by immediate availability of the seat heaters. I'm impressed, no need to wait. You can activate this right before a road trip, takes well under 2 minutes total. The new 48 hour refund policy should help with reduce the pain of butt-dialed accidental orders, only allowed once per upgrade, more details on Upgrades at Tesla.


    As silly as this OTA (Over-The-Air) upgrade for hardware that's already there sounds, at least they made it easy. The Standard Range Plus continues to be an outstanding value. As for the value of this particular optional feature, it's certainly not for everybody, especially in warmer climates. Our family has already been in a situation where it's noticeably more efficient to keep the car's interior a bit colder (say 4°F) in conjunction with low or medium seat heater use. This kind of thing is possibly useful for longer road trips where range matters more, and could make the difference between having to stop to Supercharge or not. Heating the entire cabin uses more energy overall than heating the seats. At least our rear passengers are also able to better enjoy better winter comfort, here in New England. Everybody gets to their common destination in the similar comfort, with a little less chance of having to stop to charge along the way.

    Mar 25 2021 Update

    All is well. Only 4,518 miles after 1.25 years of ownership, this car has been a joy for my wife to commute to work, and is sufficient for occasionally doing an hour each way road-trip. The longest trip it's done is 100 miles each way, and this generally requires a brief Supercharging session on the way home, since both trips were in winter.

    TeslaFi's Battery Degradation Report run on March 25 2021

    Sep 15 2021 Update

    In the Price section above, I missed the Total Government Fees (lines A to F) of the Motor Vehicle Purchase Agreement, so I've made the $108 adjustment to the Subtotal and Grand Totals above. Instead of $43,380.17 originally published, it's actually $43,488.17. As for the Grand Total, instead of $40,005.17, it's actually $40,113.17.


    TinkerTry - Feb 16 2020 - Tesla Model 3 SR+ rear seat heat option works a minute after purchase, as seen with thermal camera!

    Here's a copy of the receipt that was emailed to me at the time of purchase:

    From: Tesla noreply-service@tesla.com
    Sent: Sunday, February 16, 2020 8:22 PM
    Subject: Upgrades Purchased

    Purchase Successful
    Your car will upgrade while in park. This may take a few hours. We recommend connecting to Wi-Fi or a hotspot to upgrade sooner.
    Upgrades are not eligible for refund after 48 hours of purchase. A refund can only be requested once per upgrade. Upgrades purchased together will be refunded together in full.
    Product Purchased:
    Rear Heated Seats
    Learn More

    Tesla © 2020
    3500 Deer Creek Road | Palo Alto, CA 94304
    Privacy Policy


    Free Supercharging: If you find this article of value and decide to order a Tesla, please consider using this ts.la/paul68544 referral link when placing your order so you and I both get 1,000 miles of free Supercharging. If you order Solar, it's a $250 award after system activation.

    Disclosure: My family owns no stock in Tesla. Tesla doesn't advertise at TinkerTry, or anywhere else, and this is not a sponsored post. We financed the purchase of two Tesla Model 3s, replacing my 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid in December of 2018 and replacing my wife's 2005 Honda Civic EX in December of 2019. These big moves to an all electric household were an expression of our mutual desire to go green, avoid gasoline, be safe, have fun, and save money in the long run. Mostly for my job, I drive a lot, 25,000 miles in 2019 for example, and I thoroughly enjoy sharing what I've learned with you. I hope you can tell!

    Specifications comparison

    Dec 23 2018, my 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid replaced by 2018 Tesla Model 3 Long Range AWD.
    • 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid
    • 2018 Tesla Model 3 Long Range AWD

    Dec 17 2019, wife's 2005 Honda Civic EX replaced by 2020 Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus RWD.
    • 2005 Honda Civic EX
    • 2020 Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus

    "Winners" in relevant categories bolded below.

    • Dimensions
      H(onda) 2006 Civic Hybrid: --- 176.7″ L x 69.0″ W x 56.3″ H. (14.8' x 5.8' x 4.7') Source.
      T(esla) 2018 Model 3 LR AWD: - 184.8″ L x 72.8″ W x 56.8″ H. (15.4' x 6.1' x 4.7') Source.
      H(onda) 2005 Civic EX: ------- 175.4″ L x 67.5″ W x 56.7″ H. (14.6' x 5.6' x 4.7') Source.
      T(esla) 2020 Model 3 SR+: ---- 184.8″ L x 72.8″ W x 56.8″ H. (15.4' x 6.1' x 4.7') Source.

    • Wheelbase
      H'06: 106.3″. Source.
      T'18: 113.2″. Source.
      H'05: 103.1″. Source.
      T'20: 113.2″. Source.

    • Ground Clearance
      H'06: 4.3″. Source.
      T'18: 5.5″. Source.
      H'05: 4.4″. Source.
      T'20: 5.5″. Source.

    • MPG / MPGe
      H'06: 042 MPG -- 040 city, 045 highway. Source - EPA.
      T'18: 116 MPGe - 120 city, 112 highway (29 kW-hr per 100 miles). Source - US Dept. of Energy.
      H'05: 029 MPG -- 025 city, 034 highway. Source - EPA.
      T'20: 133 MPGe - 140 city, 124 highway (25 kW-hr per 100 miles). Source - US Dept. of Energy.

    • Range
      H'06: 517 miles. Source.
      T'18: 310 miles. Source.
      H'05: 460 miles. Source.
      T'20: 250 miles. Source.

    • Horsepower
      H'06: 130 hp. [110 hp gas + 20 hp electric motor.] Source.
      T'18: 346 hp. Source.
      H'05: 115 hp. Source.
      T'20: 283 hp. Source.

    • Torque
      H'06: 123 lb-ft. (plus 76 lb-ft electric motor = 199 lb-ft. total.) Source.
      T'18: 330 lb-ft. Source.
      H'05: 110 lb-ft. (plus 76 lb-ft electric motor = 199 lb-ft. total.) Source.
      T'20: 330 lb-ft. Source.

    • Acceleration
      H'06: 0-60 mph 11.3 seconds, Quarter Mile 18.3 sec at 075.9 mph. Source.
      T'18: 0-60 mph 4.16 seconds, Quarter Mile 11.8 sec at 115.2 mph. Source for 0-60 and source for quarter mile.
      Before November 2019 software 2019.36.2.1, acceleration was 04.5 seconds, Source and Source.
      H'05: 0-60 mph 10.2 seconds, Quarter Mile 17.4 sec. Source.
      T'20: 0-60 mph 5.3 seconds. Source for 0-60.

    • Tires
      H'06: 15 in. rims, P195/65R15 89S. Source.
      T'18: 18 in. rims, P235/35YR20. Source.
      H'05: 14 in. rims, P185/70 R14 87S. Source.
      T'20: 18 in. rims, P235/35YR20. Source.

    • Transmission
      H'06: Continuously variable-speed automatic. Source
      T'18: 1-speed fixed gear. Source.
      H'05: 5-Speed Manual Transmission. Source
      T'20: 1-speed fixed gear. Source.

    • Braking
      H'06: 60-0 mph in 124 ft. Source.
      T'18: 60-0 mph in 133 ft. Source.
      H'05: 60-0 mph in 129 ft. Source.
      T'20: 60-0 mph in TBD ft.

    • Weight
      H'06: 2,875 lbs. Source.
      T'18: 4,072 lbs. Source.
      H'05: 2,675 lbs. Source.
      T'20: 3,627 lbs. Source.

    • Cargo Volume
      H'06: 10.4 cu. ft. Source. Note, seats don't fold down due to hybrid battery pack behind the second row of seats.
      T'18: 15.0 cu. ft. Source. Seats fold down, 60/40 split.
      H'05: 10.1 cu. ft. Source.
      T'20: 15.0 cu. ft. Source. Seats fold down, 60/40 split.

    • Passenger Volume
      H'06: 90.9 cu. ft. Source.
      T'20: 97.0 cu. ft. Source.
      Because the combined Cargo and Passenger volume is 112 cu. ft., the EPA classifies the Model 3 as a Mid-Size car, source.
      H'05: 91.4 cu. ft. Source.
      T'20: 97.0 cu. ft. Source.
      Because the combined Cargo and Passenger volume is 112 cu. ft., the EPA classifies the Model 3 as a Mid-Size car, source.

    • Head Room
      H'06: 39.4 in. front, 37.4 in. rear. Source.
      T'18: 40.3 in. front, 37.7 in. rear. Source.
      H'05: 39.8 in. front, 37.2 in. rear. Source.
      T'20: 40.3 in. front, 37.7 in. rear. Source.

    • Hiproom
      H'06: 51.9 in. front, 51.0 in. rear. Source.
      T'18: 53.4 in. front, 52.4 in. rear. Source.
      H'05: 51.2 in. front, 49.8 in. rear. Source.
      T'20: 53.4 in. front, 52.4 in. rear. Source.

    • Legroom
      H'06: 42.2 in. front, 34.6 in. rear. Source.
      T'18: 42.7 in. front, 35.2 in. rear. Source.
      H'05: 42.2 in. front, 36.0 in. rear. Source.
      T'20: 42.7 in. front, 35.2 in. rear. Source.

    • Shoulder Room
      H'06: 53.6 in. front, 52.3 in. rear. Source.
      T'18: 56.3 in. front, 54.0 in. rear. Source.
      H'05: 52.6 in. front, 52.0 in. rear. Source.
      T'20: 56.3 in. front, 54.0 in. rear. Source.

    • Coefficient of Drag
      H'06: Cd = 0.27 - Source.
      T'18: Cd = 0.23 - Source. Among the top 5 most aerodynamic cars you can buy in 2018.
      H'05: Cd = TBD
      T'20: Cd = 0.23 - Source. Among the top 5 most aerodynamic cars you can buy in 2020.

    • Turning Diameter, Curb-to-Curb
      H'06: 34.8 ft. - Source.
      T'18: 38.8 ft. - Source.
      H'05: 34.8 ft. - Source.
      T'20: 38.8 ft. - Source.

    • NHTSA Safety Ratings
      H'06: Mostly 5 stars, details at Source NHTSA.
      T'18: All 5 stars, details at Source NHTSA for AWD.
      H'05: Mostly 5 stars, details at Source NHTSA.
      T'20: All 5 stars, details at Source NHTSA for RWD.
    Compare Tesla Model 3 Specs - Performance Dual Motor, Long Range Dual Motor, Standard Plus Rear-Wheel.
    EPA comparison table for 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid, 2018 Tesla Model 3 Long Range AWD, 2005 Honda Civic, 2020 Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus.

    See also at TinkerTry

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