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    I just got home from a roadtrip to visit family in Boston, spending just $9.11 cents in electricity to move ourselves 208 miles total. What a nice treat to catch this tweet (pictured at right) by @awraynor, time to write up a post!

    I'm not great at article title SEO, but here's how I'd summarize the car portion of the episode:
    Nerd and his wife have been driving Honda Civics for 30 years, but the Tesla Model 3 convinced them dump their old gas cars forever to increase their safety, save money, and have more fun!

    Or how about:
    Safety nut and his wife discovers a safe car that happens to be electric, starts at the price of the average American car, is more than three times as efficient as a Prius, and goes zero to sixty in 5.3 seconds or 4.4 seconds, so he finances one-of-each and has been joyful for every drive ever since.

    Yeah, Jim's title is better, well, maybe just one correction:
    Paul Braren Podcasts from the Tesla 3 and Finances Another

    See also the Honda CEO in denial story. The moment anybody reading this article test drives a Tesla Model 3 (or, the soon to be even more popular Model Y), they'll know just how absurd it is for Takahiro Hachigo to make those claims, also explained in a rather blunt but funny way by Fred Lambert at Electrek here.

    This new podcast episode 429 is now available at the averageguy.tv here, where you can also view, listen, and/or subscribe. Here's an excerpt:

    Paul Braren joined us live from his garage and inside his now one year-old Telsa 3 for his annual visit to Home Gadget Geeks. We talk about how he has enjoyed the Telsa since purchasing it a year ago, why we bought another and how he will never purchase a gas-powered car again. Of course, there is lots of gadget chat along the way. I think you will enjoy the show.


    Best watched on Jim's video playback available below, as I show you around the car and my garage, talk about new jobs and new tech my life over the past year. I used eero WiFi to blanket my garage in strong signal for the podcast, testing the speeds from inside the Model 3 at 131 Mbps down and 39 Mbps up!

    "Home Gadget Geeks" T available in 5 colors & 3 sizes.

    Oh, and that t-shirt you see me styling? It's available on Amazon in many colors!

    As I did years ago, you too can be a supporter of Jim's at "the average guy" Patreon Page.

    Shownotes & Video

    Detailed shownotes, podcast feeds to subscribe to, and an easy way to leave greatly appreciate podcast reviews, all found right over at Jim's source page:

    "Paul Braren Podcasts from the Tesla 3 and Buys Another - HGG429" on YouTube.

    Here's a summary of most of the items I mentioned on the air.


    Travel Tech:


    All sorts of gear, including that extended range Gl.iNet travel router I showed/mentioned:


    Receiving shipments more securely at home
    Step 2 583199 Express Parcel Delivery Box (in Black, Mocha, or White), available at:


    If you get a lot of wind, you may want to put this pair of these 5 lb. rust-proof weights in the bottom of your delivery box, available on Amazon.

    To keep tabs on those deliveries, you may want to consider mounting one of these near your delivery box.


    Tesla Model 3

    The Tesla Front Drive Unit is optimized for power even at low RPM. It's an AC induction motor pictured in red at right, logical that it's not there in the Standard Range / Standard Range Plus models. All Model 3s have a PMSRM [Permanent Magnet Switched Reluctance Motor] in the rear, optimized for range.



    While on the air, I failed to mention the very well regarded 11 speaker sound system which still brings chills to my spine, more details found here. Not sure I should share what song I played first to test it.

    Shop on tryroadie.com

    I also mentioned the Raspberri Pi-Zero based device a fellow Connecticut resident started selling internationally last month that is very helpful for Tesla Model 3 owners looking to avoid having to remove an MicroSD or SSD from their car to review the Sentry Mode or Dashcam footage. It's called the Roadie for Tesla.

    Thank you again Jim, for you being you, and for inviting me again!


    Free Supercharging: If you find this article of value and decide to order a Tesla, please consider using this ts.la/paul68544 referral link when placing your order so you and I both get 1,000 miles of free Supercharging. If you order Solar, it's a $250 award after system activation.

    Disclosure: My family owns no stock in Tesla. Tesla doesn't advertise at TinkerTry, or anywhere else, and this is not a sponsored post. We financed the purchase of two Tesla Model 3s, replacing my 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid in December of 2018 and replacing my wife's 2005 Honda Civic EX in December of 2019. These big moves to an all electric household were an expression of our mutual desire to go green, avoid gasoline, be safe, have fun, and save money in the long run. Mostly for my job, I drive a lot, 25,000 miles in 2019 for example, and I thoroughly enjoy sharing what I've learned with you. I hope you can tell!

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