Public Speaking Schedule

Posted by Paul Braren on Feb 14 2017 (updated on Feb 23 2017) in
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    In 2016, I spoke publicly 15 different times!

    Before now, there was never a super easy way to find this information, at any time. Now this page is just one click away from anywhere at TinkerTry!

    I'll be speaking at various user groups as:

    1. an IT Pro who is also a user.
    2. a content creator/blogger from TinkerTry.
    3. a VMware Systems Engineer.

    This one post will cover them all. Please don't hesitate to come up to me and introduce yourself at any of these free events. Don't worry, I was an introvert too!

    Here we go, the list, 2017 onward...


    Historical list here.


    Future tentative/unconfirmed plans may also show here, stay tuned! Most event announcement and schedule changes also tweeted from @paulbraren.