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If you prefer talking over typing, you may leave me a Google Voice message at this phone #:

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I'm @paulbraren on Twitter, where I occasionally read my timeline about non-urgent stuff. I don't tend to use DMs for people I don't actually know.


For inquiries about Wiredzone products, please contact Wiredzone directly at who will be able to answer your pre-sales hardware questions, particularly regarding shipping, duties, warranty extension, and pricing.

Due to the tremendous volume of questions I get, I’m only able to answer publicly posted questions about items I’ve actually discussed at TinkerTry. Best to type your questions right below the relevant article, with no login required! That way, everybody benefits from seeing both your question and my response. It really helps me invest my limited spare time in helping the greatest number of people.

If you have an ESXi hardware question that isn't about a TinkerTry Supermicro SuperServer bundle that I own and have tested, I am unlikely to be able to reply to your email.

If you still prefer to send in a private email, or have a business related inquiry, please use the handy form below, which will automatically send you a copy, emailed from the address. Thank you!