I enjoy seeing how my articles save people time and spare them from frustration. Getting back to their friends, families, and fun, faster. I'm honored to receive many comments via Disqus, YouTube and email, from a global community of remarkably courteous and constructive people. Just have a listen to podcaster Jim Collison for example, and the kind tweet from his friend.

It's fun to invest my time into writing things up that help other people, and I really appreciate the encouragement. Below, you'll find just a sampler, with links to the sources, so you don't just have to take my word for it.



I was looking for something to geek out on this weekend. This was among the best, most informative tutorials I have ever watched. Thank you so much for sharing.

Mike D:

PS I wanted to let you know that your video tutorial, "Build your own VMware vSphere ESXi 5.5 Datacenter, starting with one PC" is one of the best tutorials I have ever watched on any subject.

Dan B:

Thanks! This was super helpful. I like that you are thorough and don't skip a single step.


Very nicely and slowly explained and well absorbed. This one hr video worth studying 1000 hrs.
Thanks a whole lot putting up such an informative video.

More to Life:

Exceptional video. If other's followed your lead in their tutorials, the world would literally be a better place. Exceptional work.

Chris Wahl:

"Rufus takes 2 minutes to create a bootable USB flash drive for ESXi installation" http://buff.ly/1h6kSuK <- One of my favs by @tinkererguy


What a wonderful article! I was looking for this knowledge in many places over the Internet and none of the other sources I found was clear and elaborated (yet simple to understand) like this article. Thank you SO much!

Jonas S:

This is a very well done video of a complicated procedure. Thank you.

Brent R:

Thankyou! What a brilliant post... Thanks for saving me many more days of searching for solutions. Brent.


Thanks for the fantastic guide, Paul. I followed it and was up and running in no time.


Yes thank you once again. you have done Microsoft's documentation job :)


What a fantastic video! I heard about ESXi at work and was really excited to try it out but was very nervous! Your video helped me set this up on my Fujitsu TX120 S3P in no time! Looking forward to setting up a RAID 6 array with SSD caching on my newly acquired LSI 9265-8i (via your awesome articles!) So excited at the possibilities ESXi holds!

Thanks again, Paul!

Warren M:

Thanks for making this video VERY detailed while explaining how to use it and how it works :)

Reader (via email) regarding my blogVault article:

That is one amazingly deep article. We have often seen a lot of reviews to be shallow. You however have written the review that I could like to read. Thank you.

vTagion, in "TinkerTry... A Great Source For Virtualization, Storage, and IT Information":

Tinker with cool gear! Try new things! Once again, credit should be given where it is deserved. Lately I have been getting quite a bit of traffic from TinkerTry.com. Paul Braren, the owner of the site, does a fantastic job at producing great posts and how-to’s on IT related topics. Between guides, how-to’s, and just plain interesting articles, I have found myself diving deeper and deeper into his blog. I would hope that any of you that are reading this post will take the time to check out Paul’s content and see what new things you will learn. Thanks Paul for your support and good luck moving forward with TinkerTry.com

The Family Valesky:

This was a great video, run at a great tutorial pace. I appreciated your approach of thinking it through as you went through each step, as well as demonstrate what didn't work, and how to fix, during that process. This helped me absorb a fuller comprehension of what you were doing - and still holding interest of recaping what you were doing, during the "downtime" of installation pauses. I plan to order hardware through your link and try this in preparation for my certification test. Thanks!

Lars J:

Hi Paul, awesome job. I just wanted to let you know that the LSI 9240-i4 also works like a charm. Fantastic guide and easy walkthru. You saved my weekend :)


Don't know who you are, where you are, or why you posted this ... but I was being driven crazy by these error messages & now my email is SORTED and I am SO, SO RELIEVED! Thanks ... could not have been clearer ...


Brian G:

I appreciate you linking to my site and to my script. Your blog is very intuitive and helpful.
Keep up the great work!


Nice article, Paul (as usual...)


Dude. You. Are. So. Awesome. Thank you so much for providing this INDEPTH review on my computer. I've had this huge problem RIGHT when I got it from the manufacturers and was starting to think of asking them for a new one but you have my exact same problem and have provided me with a very quick and easy fix. I am left with no questions and now have a humming computer. I can't thank you enough!


Yes!!, I was thinking of buying another Graphics card!! I have and Nvidia GTS 250.

Now all goes perfect no black screen no restart of nvidia driver, all perfect. It was very annoying viewing youtube videos.

Thanks From Spain.

Simeon K:

Works great man, thanks for posting this, I was going the same meaningless posts in different forums until I came up across this, again thanks a million man!


THANK YOU!!! Searched and tried different approaches for two days now.. This worked instantly.. Im so happy :)



Thank You so much! I have been looking since the windows 8 release for an answer to this problem and no one and I mean no one had the correct answer! Thank You again and again ... :-)


Just received my CyberPower CP1500PFCLCD today (scored for $149.99 during Black Friday) and was wondering how to make it work with my ESXi 5.1 server. Followed your instructions and worked flawlessly during two tests. Thanks!