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Founder Paul Braren earned his MCSE in 2018, his VMware VCP #2681 in 2005, and his first VMware vExpert in 2014. His detailed how-tos, reviews, and videos help IT Professionals get started with efficiency and virtualization in their home labs, laying the foundation for a vast array practical projects. Consistent with this efficiency theme, TinkerTry also features a variety of articles about efficiency in the home and on the road, including his experience with going to an all-EV household in 2019, building a path toward a more sustainable future.

TinkerTry's audience consists largely of technical influencers in the workplace who are IT enthusiasts in their home place.

Established in 2011, TinkerTry has well over a thousand long-form technical articles about a variety of tech gear that's purchased like everybody else, then carefully tested and documented like nobody else.

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