Elon Musk's Powerwall, time-shifting the energy from that handy fusion reactor in the sky

Posted by Paul Braren on May 4 2015 (updated on Mar 24 2020) in
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  • I don't generally report news. But I do like to discuss topics IT-related topics that potentially impact our environment. Working in IT, I've seen my share of diesel generators and lead acid battery rooms. I've also weathered week-long power outages at home, spurring me to get a generator. Coupled with the noise of neighbor's natural gas generator that runs on time every week, it's all given me quite the appetite for better solutions.

    So hearing Elon Musk's Tesla Energy keynote back on May 1st, now that was newsworthy. It certainly got my attention. I Google+'d it, asked a solar-home-owning / Nissan-Leaf-driving colleague about it, and generally couldn't stop thinking about it. Yes, it's just a lithium-ion battery for the home, or for work. But it represents so much more. A way to time-shift the energy from that:

    "...handy fusion reactor in the sky," said Elon.

    FinanzTV - May 03 2015 - Elon Musk - The Tesla Powerwall- Keynote

    You know that feeling, when you've witnessed something that you know is going to be important down the line, because it just sticks with you.


    "Our goal here is to change the way the world uses energy at an extreme scale … This is something within the power of humanity to do. We have done these things before."

    Elon's style was muted, natural, unpolished. Traits I personally found that wonderfully refreshing. Gives techies like me a shot at not feeling as bad about my own public speaking mannerisms and style. His straight-forward manner also prevented me from getting distracted.


    The impact that Elon's Powerwall announcement had on others in the technology field is evident in the most enjoyable way in the very special This Week in Tech # 508 Calacanis Returns, with the owner of Tesla serial # 001 telling the surprisingly touching tale of how very close to complete failure Elon Musk's earth and space efforts had been.

    Here's the spot that the Tesla conversation begins, 36 minutes 7 seconds in:

    This Week in Tech - May 03 2015 - Calacanis Returns - This Week in Tech 508

    where Owen J.J. Stone @Ohdoctah goes on about how Elon is changing the world.

    Enjoy it!

    Remember this year, when a plain speaking guy explained that there is hope that climbing CO levels just might be stoppable. A catalyst for change that extends well beyond what any one company can achieve. Even if the final form of the solution isn't dominated by Lithium Ion batteries or Tesla.

    I found sheer joy listening to this long but very engaging podcast, as I drove past massive solar farms while working here in Tucson AZ today. I was actually glad that I ran into some traffic, idling in my gasoline-fueled rental car. Hmm. I then adjusted my thinking cap. Permanently.

    Mar 24 2020 Update

    Article above updated, with both the podcast and the video links broken, so they've now been fixed to sources where the content is still available.

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