Tesla Model 3 TinkerTry'd (known-good) accessories for long trips, long-term ownership, and all weather

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  • TinkerTry'd Tesla Model 3 known-good interior and exterior accessories close look

    Here's the TinkerTry'd Amazon Shopping list of the items featured in the video above, or you might like the less cluttered list of the same items in my Amazon Idea List.

    Tesla's new referral program announced Mar 21 2019.

    This article will keep track of the Model 3 accessories I've TinkerTry'd for months, featuring detailed walkthrough videos, in 4K!. I plan to own my Model 3 for many years, and I'm detailing why I'm keeping the accessories that have been proven to work well for me, returning the others, and making notes and edits to this list as I go. I encourage you to revisit and refresh for the latest updates based on my first-hand experience. Also consider dropping a comment below to share your experience with any of these products on your Model 3, which will greatly enhance the experience for others reading this article.

    This is not a sponsored post, with all products purchased for my own testing and use, and affiliate links including Skimlinks fav.co shortened URLs that may need to be white-listed, disclosure details below. I do not own any stock in Tesla or in any of the accessory companies featured below.


    Table of Contents

    Let's start with items you can order from Tesla's online store directly that aren't as horribly overpriced, since it takes the longest to arrive, especially if you're far from California. In my experience, ordering four items on Wed Jan 02 2018, I got shipment notifications for three of then on Fri Jan 04 2018, due to arrive 10 days. There seems to be no expedited order processing, and no upgraded shipping options.


    I'm in New England, and I just got my Model 3 on Dec 23 2018, so yeah, it's very much winter! The roads are frequently salted here, so it was pretty urgent for me to find something to cover those dark black carpets with, quickly.

    I initially the readily available on Amazon Prime ToughPRO Tesla Model 3 Floor Mats Set, but they simply weren't up to the job of containing dirt, and frequently, the front passenger mat would curl back from normal acceleration. An odd problem to have. They also have no lip around the edges to contain water and dirt. So I'll be requesting a refund on those.

    I've gone ahead with ordering the Tesla frunk and rear trunk mats, actually made by WeatherTech, whose mats held up nicely in my previous car. I'm skipping the interior Tesla/WeatherTech mats this time though, since I want more of my Model 3's rugs protected, see what I chose in the Floor Mats section below.

    Tesla Shop

    From the Tesla Shop online store:

    Click to see all Model 3 accessories at the online Tesla Shop.

    Model 3 All-Weather Cargo Mats
    Rear Trunk
    SKU: 1143622-00-A
    QTY: 1 $130.00
    ETA Jan 14 2019 from Newark CA.

    Model 3 All-Weather Cargo Mats
    Front Trunk
    SKU: 1133634-00-A
    QTY: 1 $70.00

    Model S/X/3 Tire Repair Kit
    SKU: 1133009-00-A
    QTY: 1 $80.00
    ETA Jan 14 2019 from Newark CA.

    Model S/X/3 Cable Organizer
    SKU: 1022771-00-A
    QTY: 1 $25.00
    ETA Jan 14 2019 from Newark CA.

    Floor Mats

    These just arrived, and I installed them on Jan 08 2019. They appear to look much better in this vehicle, at least initially.
    Tesla Raj - Jul 30 2018 - Are these the best all weather floor mats for the Tesla Model 3?

    Door Open Button


    I spotted door release stickers at these 3 places:

    I tried both products, and am quite happy with the OEM look and feel, along with easy installation, of the:

    Use tinkertry coupon code to enjoy 15% off your first purchase at Abstract Ocean.

    If you remember to enter enter tinkertry (or TinkerTry or TINKERTRY) in the Coupon/Gift Certificate field and click Apply, you'll enjoy 15% off your first order!

    I went with black. The little 3D stickers fit right over your door button. They have a slightly rubbery fee. Be sure to wipe with alchol first, then line the sticker up with the (dim) LED on each of those buttons.


    Abstract Ocean - Door Release Buttons - Black.

    Do my parents and other car guests still sometimes pull the lever instead of push the button? Yes. But perhaps a little less often for those taking their first ride in a Model 3. Only time will tell.

    Would a large red X sticker to put over the emergency door handle release would be helpful? Maybe, but I can understand why there would be safety concerns in doing so. Would a sticker that channels light from the button LED into the car door icon be cool? Yes, but I doubt the Model 3's LEDs are bright enough for that to be effective. Maybe glow in the dark, instead of White?

    Cell phone charging

    Fastest wireless (Qi) charging for the two front passengers

    Let's tackle this next. The built-in USB-C and Lightning connectors don't charge very quickly, and can be a bit cumbersome to slide your phone into. One of my sons who warned me was right, I should go with Qi wireless charging.

    For Apple iPhones, Tesla's USB cables don't transmit audio signals over the USB cable either, so your Model 3 won't "see" an iPod to play music from. Once that reality set in, getting a way to charge as fast as possible over wireless seems very appealing to me, especially after driving my Tesla over 800 miles these first 2 weeks of joyful ownership.

    For the fastest possible charging over Qi wireless, with drop-in-and-go simplicity, try this highly rated (but back-ordered) device, hoping mine arives by the 3rd week of January for me to update this article and let you know how it goes. Meanwile, lots of favorable reviews, such as this article, and this discussion in the Tesla Forums.

    Nomad Wireless Charger for Tesla Model 3
    • Nomad Wireless Charger for Tesla Model 3
      The built-in battery is said to allow the fastest charging rates, since those 2 Tesla USB ports wouldn't give enough juice for two iPhones at the max of 7.5 watts, for example. I do sincerely hope that the built-in battery can be replaced down the road someday.

    Here's the friendly email I received soon after placing my order:

    From: NOMAD nomad@hellonomad.com
    Sent: Thursday, December 27, 2018 2:12 AM
    To: Paul Braren
    Subject: Your Tesla Charger

    Hi Paul,
    Thanks for your recent order for a Tesla Charger. We're stoked you decided to check out our gear. This is meant to be a reminder that the charger is currently on backorder and will ship out to you on or before January 15th. If you have any questions, please feel free to respond to this email.

    • The Nomad Team

    Jan 14 2019 Update
    My Nomad Tesla Charger arrived! I let it warm up to room temp, then installed it in my Model 3, and so far, I'm very pleased with the results. None of the "cables are too short" issue that only a smattering of folks commented about, I'm very happy with this purchase. I even drove around a bit, and no tight turns were able to jostle my iPhone XS Max out of position. Charge rates seemed right around the expected 7.5 watt speed maximum that Apple allows, this is good! Going from 99% to 100% took almost half an hour, but the LED did go from Orange to White.

    Fastest PD (Power Delivery) wired charging for the two rear passengers

    First, order one of these:

    For extremely fast charging of recent Apple products, using the 12V outlet in the center console, for rear and front passengers to use as needed:


    Next, order two of these:

    Route these to each side, so they don't get crushed on their way into to the seatback pockets, for easy access by the rear passengers. Alternative, one to left rear seat, and the other alongside the front seat passenger seat, left in the area near the seat belt latch for passengers to use if Qi just isn't fast enough. An extra benefit to this approach is a lack of USB cables sticking out for the 5th center-rear passenger to bump into, when getting in and out.

    Part #B07H24PJGP on Amazon.

    Finally, order one of these:

    Low profile connection prevents any issues with clearance when you're trying to put your organizer tray back into place after leaving this unit plugged in to your 12V outlet. Now you can use the Scosche charger, and still have an available outlet for whatever else you need, including a couple more USB ports too.


    Feb 09 2019 addition - I have a story to add. I was driving a fellow energy conference attendee to the Bradley Airport when he found himself with his rideshare being late, and his iPhone battery had become pretty low too. With only had 25 minutes in my Model 3 together enroute, I suggested he use my Lightning to USB-C cable for maximum charge speeds. He was pretty thankful to see his phone go right to over 30% charge during that short ride, and I'm so glad I was so very ready for this circumstance. My phone in the cradle, his getting used to place the call to cancel his ride-share whilst it was charging, and both of us happy.

    Center Console Rear (below arm rest)

    Break glass (and cut seatbelt) in case of emergency.
    There is some minor, distributed-over-a-large-area pinching force on the white Apple charging cables, evident in the flattened velour/suede texture, but there are no tight pinches when routed this way. I notice no noticeable damage to either cable, at least not yet.

    The resqme is a clever name for this tiny tool that cuts seat belts and breaks windows, should the need arise. Seems wise to have one of these on board, and yellow seems especially easy to spot. Highly rated, yet affordable. Seems like a better idea to use the center console for this. After a wreck, I don't think you'd want to rely on being able to open the glove box, especially if your vehicle is sinking. See also Mythbusters - Turn Turtle Experiment - Inverted Underwater Car. Available for a rather modest sub-$20 price in 2 pack form, but also available individually or in other colors on Amazon:


    Toll Transponder

    Image from E-ZPass wiki article.

    Hidden from this view, my new compact E-ZPass MA transponder is located here, even though you are supposed to put it here. I believe having a glass roof helps. I've checked my recent trips in my account, and they all read reliably from the new readers along the Massachusetts Turnpike that are part of the EZDriveMA system.

    Image source here on Wikipedia.

    Center Console Cupholders


    These fit at the bottom of all center console compartments, not really something visible, but could help prevent some wear, tear, and stains.

    • Cup Holder Insert for Tesla Model 3
      For me, I used all of the above pocket liners with the exception of the front and rear holder liners. When using the rear arm rest, I don't want passengers to have to fiddle with a liner that may have fallen out when the arm rest was up. For the front cup holder, I much prefer the removable rubber pocket approach, which also add a little pressure to smaller cans to help avoid tip-overs, and can easily be removed if a large thermal container doesn't quite fit with this liner in place.

    Center Console Front

    USB Hub
    To allow the use of both front USB ports and the dashcam recording to USB flash drive function:


    Flash Drives
    If you want to have some high bitrate FLAC files on a USB drive to put those 10 speakers plus subwoofer to good use, get one of these:



    If you want to use Sentry Mode and Dashcam functions, those need more write endurance, and it sure would be enjoy the fast transfer speeds to your computer when it comes time to take some video off for review and archive. Here's an excellent choice I'm using.

    For automatic recording of Tesla Model 3 Dashcam footage, just reformat the drive as FAT32 using Rufus, then create a directory called /TeslaCam in the root of that empty drive. Tada, it now "just works," with the dashcam automatically recording footage as you go, deleting the oldest video only when it has to. See also Clean Technica's How To Set Up The Dashcam In A Tesla Running Firmware v9.0 by Kyle Field, and Tesla's Discover Software Version 9.0 article, with Dashcam explained at this spot. No fancy dual partion stuff needed either, when using a USB hub like this. I found having a second USB drive also formatted FAT32 seemed to be seen just fine by the Model 3's display under USB, and FLAC playback sounded great.


    To keep your center console wiring tidy, you may want to get one of these short cables to replace the far too long one that comes with the T5 Portable SSD.

    Hidden trash can


    Always helpful to have some of these on board.


    Wet wipes
    Also handy for quick clean-ups, antibacterial hand wipes with no alcohol, so they should be very safe for wiping the Vegan Leather (vinyl) seats too.

    Seen pictured from left to right, empty tissue box for trash, tissues, wipes.

    Center Console Piano Black Finish


    Center Console Accessories

    Here's the list of all items featured in the video above that are available on Amazon.


    Use tinkertry coupon code to enjoy 15% off your first order at Abstract Ocean.

    Much much brighter trunk illumination than the ones Tesla includes with the Model 3. Installation too me all of 3 minutes, using a flat head screw driver to carefully pry the original LED out. I followed along with the install video, with more videos here

    In the end, I chose the pricier LEDs, due to better quality and brighter illumination. I almost lost one of the LEDs inside the door as the cable was quite short once I released the original LED, but jambing my pinkie finger in there to fish around for it worked out fine, laying flat on the garage floor to do so. The integrated cable extensions of the Oznium LEDs that I also tried were nice, but Abstract Ocean sells extenders for such situations too.


    These 2 items from that order page for all Model 3 LEDs cover all 7 light locations:

    • Model 3 full set (excl. front footwells - 7 white)
    • Front footwell lights (2 pack), White

    This company isn't on Amazon, but their site features convenient payments via Amazon, PayPal, or Google Pay, avoiding the hassle of setting up an account. Here's a sample review:

    John S.Verified Buyer
    AO LED Lighting a huge improvement over OEM
    I purchased the 7-light set of white LED's for my Model 3. It took me less than 2 minutes per light to change out the two trunk lights, four door puddle lights, and one glovebox light. All light provide significantly brighter illumination for getting into and out of the vehicle at night, and for seeing anything in the dark trunk. The install video is right on target, all wiring connections are clip-type, and there is no damage done to either the light housings or the OEM lights so they could be put back if you wished to do so. Great value for me, very positive results!

    Oznium at left, Abstract Ocean at right.

    As mentioned above, I had also tried the Oznium Ultra-Bright Easy-Plug Replacement LED Interior Lighting Upgrade LEDs for Tesla Model S, Model X, and Model 3 - Light Bulbs Kit fits Trunk, Frunk, Door Puddle, Foot-Well, etc - (4 Pack), but they just weren't as bright, as seen at right. The lighting they cast didn't seem to be particularly even in color, or brightness.

    Abstract Ocean Ultra-Bright LED Lights.


    Image courtesy of JPUConn at Tesla Motor Club Forum

    This first recommendation takes just 2 minutes to install, and I'd strongly recommend it to every Tesla Model 3 owner.

    Closing the frunk is a thing that takes too much care, a procedure that's even detailed in the manual to avoid hood damage. The thing is, when your car is new, you'll be showing the empty engine bay to everybody. They might close the hood "wrong" with a slamming or a dropping that won't result in the expected latching. Avoid all that with this quick fix, making the closing of your frunk an easy two finger effort.

    The procedure at 1 minute 10 seconds in to replace the spring is from Brian from i1Tesla, who created this video below. He's using a brand of spring that I found to be too weak, at least not without replacing my struts, which I was more worried about doing. No problem, this forum conversation led me to this exact spring that's widely available at your local Home Depot (or online), works great while leaving the rest of the trunk alone, including the struts:


    You'll only need to use one of larger springs included in this 4 pack, and if you don't like this fix for some reason, you can always put the original spring right back in.

    i1Tesla - May 10, 2019 - Auto Open and Easy Close Frunk Model 3

    Putting this emergency-use-only gear in the frunk leaves that wonderful below-trunk space (where a gas tank normally would be) available for groceries and such, so they don't move about.







    Front Plate

    Revolutionary snap fit front license plate bracket: easy on, easy off.

    Floating ahead of the bumper, no paint contact!

    If you wish to have a secure quick release mechanism for your front license plate, the new LivingTesla SnapPlate seems to work quite well, and takes just a few seconds, literally. Remarkably designed, with no painted surface of your bumper contacted!

    Advantages of such a removable bracket/plate approach include:
    1) Makes washing bugs and dirt off then entire front bumper a lot easier. Just remove the assembly at the car wash, clean the car, then reinstall.
    2) Makes Model 3 owners who drive to states where front plates are required compliant.


    It's pretty amazing what 3D printing can do with an ingenious design. While the current price is a bit high, that's certainly expected given the relatively low volumes an upstart company like LivingTesla can likely handle. If you don't want to just hope for good things down the road for companies like LivingTesla that show considerable ingenuity, you can contribute directly by ordering a SnapPlate for your Model 3. You can follow Matthew @LivingTesla, view his shipping tweets here and here, and his animated gif mount/dismount tweet that shows how crazy fast and easy it is to mount/dismount.

    One minor thing I did notice is a little bit (maybe 4 mm) of plate warpage, but I'm not really sure if that was my plate, or something about the way it's fastened to the bracket. It seems Connecticut plates might be a big unusual in that they only have 4 holes, not the usual 4 slots. So in my state at least, there's not really any easy way to tweak the way the plate is screwed down to the SnapPlate bracket.

    Product Feedback

    Nitpicking aside, the slight warpage is hardly noticeable when the SnapPlate is on my Model 3, and I'm very happy this product. About a drive a thousand miles with it over the first 5 days of September 2019, and I'll report back if anything happens.

    If you have some feedback, feel free to drop one below this article, or email contact@livingtesla.com directly.



    LivingTesla has a ton of Model 3 Accessories, and the SnapPlate ordering page is here:

    The idea for SnapPlate was born when I got a ticket for not having a front license plate the same weekend I bought a new 3D printer. As a self-proclaimed front-license-plate hater, I wanted something that was easy to install when traveling to areas that enforce front license plate use and easy to remove the rest of the time. None of the options available had every feature I wanted, so I made one…and then all my Tesla friends wanted one too.

    SnapPlate attaches and removes in a snap and is:

    • Paint-safe
    • Grille-safe
    • Radiator-safe
    • Autopilot safe
    Close-up of SnapPlate quick release mechanism

    SnapPlate Videos

    LivingTesla - Aug 25 2019 - Introducing SnapPlate by LivingTesla
    TinkerTry - Aug 30 2019 - Unboxing & installing the LivingTesla SnapPlate into the grill below the Tesla Model 3 front bumper



    Finally, as others have noticed, when driving around 45 mph today with very strong cross-winds, I noticed a bit of wind noise was apparent from the inside, mostly from the top of the windshield. This might be reduced with the RPM Tesla Model 3 Wind Noise Reduction Kit. Or it could be just that there is so little engine noise, such wind noise is more pronounced on such EVs. I won't know more until I get a chance to test later in January 2019.
    I have since removed this molding, as it had a tendency to shift over time, and I didn't particularly care for fiddling with it, or worry about it falling off.



    It seems the BASENOR Tesla Model 3 Glove Box Organizer is no longer available at Amazon, but I found an item that looks to be the same functionality here:


    For that extra keycard kept in my wallet, this seems a much better way to hand to a valet, using this holder I keep in my glovebox, making sure to turn on valet mode first, of course.

    Don't forgot to also put an envelope in there, with your:

    • Registration
    • Proof of Insurance

    to go right on top of the manuals that the car comes with in the glove compartment, and that cleaning cloth that's intended to clean the piano finish on the center console.

    See also Elon Musk said Tesla is fixing a problem that can happen after a Model 3 is involved in a crash.

    Elon Musk said Tesla will update vehicles with a feature that would open the glovebox automatically after a crash once the car has stopped.


    Side view mirrors

    I found this product worked quite well for getting me a great view of my blind spots. Mine are both adjusted outward as far as possible. It is odd that a car of this cost, with all those cameras many of which are not in use yet, needs such a low-tech product for now. It would be preferable for the car to have the usual warning lights in the side view mirrors itself to indicate when it's not safe to lane-change, but software changes and enablement of side cameras through software upgrades could make these mirrors a little less important in the future, especially if Tesla implements warning chimes.


    I had also tried the High Definition Ultra Low Profile Blind Spot Mirrors from Abstract Ocean, but they failed to provide enough coverage beyond the sides of my vehicle, even when adjusted to point away from my car as far as possible. They just showed far too much of my own car, filling about half of the small circle of wide-angle view, at least from my driving position. Fishing line and Goo Gone worked nicely to remove them easily enough.

    Here's a Model 3 Owners Club Podcast segment discussing the need for a chime warning for when lane-changing is not safe.

    Ampper mirror on my Tesla Model 3 side-view mirror, truck in my blind spot.
    Ampper mirror on my Tesla Model 3 side-view mirror, truck leaving my blind spot, clearly visible out my side window now as well.


    Feb 10 2019 Update - Look which article one of my sons just told me about:

    Will I still keep my blind spot mirrors? Probably, since when I'm not on Autopilot, I still prefer the single-glance instant awareness of what's going on in the other lane. This glance is done well before turning my head briefly to double-check before I flick the turn signal and begin the lane change.

    Turns out the blind spot detection software isn't quite there yet anyway.

    Door Seals

    Since I created this video,

    YouTube TinkerTry Channel - May 6 2019 - Tesla Model 3 interior noise measurably reduced by inexpensive self-stick car door trim

    a kit has come out with seals that looks nearly identical to the ones I bought individually. The moulding comes pre-cut to length and labeled, which makes installation even easier. I think there's a very good chance these will work every bit as well as the seals I featured in my video description, and this new Basenor kit has some pretty darn good reviews on Amazon too. Nice!

    Part # B07R13DYYY available from Basenor on Amazon.

    For even more information and sound tests using the same seals I purchased, see also Reduce Model 3 Road and Wind Noise and Dirty Door Sills, and new videos by other Model 3 owners below.

    Tesla's Wild Aug 19 2019 - Tesla Model 3 Cabin WIND NOISE Reduction - Step 2 [BASENOR]
    Mother Frunker, Aug 19 2019 - Tesla Model 3 Door Seal Kit Soundproof Rubber Weather | BASENOR

    This newer video really confirms much of what I said, with similar results and a similar test but more thorough methodology, only a whole lot more high budget and better production values. Even the arrangement of the measurement devices was similar, see also Matt's gracious tweet. I'm flattered by this, and am amazed at the high quality of what Matt produces.

    Undecided with Matt Ferrell - Sep 03 2019 - Tesla Model 3 Car Noise Reduction




    I have a detailed write-up on charging here:

    Since I already have an available NEMA 14-50 outlet, this charger can safely be self-installed. The expected 40 amp charging rate for my Long Range Model 3 has been greatly appreciated, with me taking many mid-winter long range drives this year. It's a nice compromise between 32 amps max the included Gen 2 Mobile Connector Bundle tops out at, and the 47 amps that the Tesla Wall Connectors can do. That even faster option comes at the cost of bulkier clumsier cabling to the car, and the cost of an electrician visit to install/hardwire it. Any of these options can charge the car up from nearly empty most nights overnight, unless it's very cold out. Once your garage charging is all set, you can leave your Mobile Connector Bundle in your frunk.


    First, hand wash at a touchless car wash, or go through a touchless car wash, or pre-clean pressure wash your car in your own driveway, see more details on my pressure washer choice below.

    Once you've gotten the caked on salt (winter) or dirt (summer) off, you're ready for a rinsless car wash that I've found works well for my needs, and it can be done in your garage, in the winter!

    Get yourself 2 packs of a dozen towels, one set for washing, one set for spray waxing and drying.


    Next, never wash Microfiber towels with regular clothes detergent, use this instead:


    Get yourself a bucket...


    One gallon of distilled water per wash, purchased locally for under a dollar a gallon, or made with a water distiller.



    Finally, some amazing car wash that can last for years, a capful per gallon

    One-bucket car wash system
    How do you wash your vehicle with just one bucket? I had to learn, I've apparently been doing it wrong for over 30 years. Here's the process, which is basically a summary of the video below:

    1. pour the gallon of distilled water into the bucket
    2. pour a capful of No Rinse into the bucket
    3. fold 24 Microfiber towels twice each, make one pile of 12 that will get wet, and the other pile of 12 that will be used to dry
    4. press the towels down into the bottom of the bucket, making sure they all get soaked
    5. remove a towel, squeeze enough water out of it so it drips slowly, and wipe across the top of the car roof to the windshield, then a second swipe back up to the top of the car
    6. flip the towel over, repeat for the next unwashed front-to-back strip, then toss that dirty towel into a laundry hamper (NOT in the clean bucket)
    7. unfold then refold the wet towel to keep getting a fresh 1/8 of the surface of the towel against the paint of your car, 2 stripes about 5' to 8' in length at time
    8. grab a folded dry towel and dry off the 4 strips you just cleaned, don't re-use, toss into a laundry hamper
    9. once all 8 quarters of each side of the towel are dirty, get a clean towel out of the bucket and repeat steps 5 to 8 until done
    10. when you're done washing your car, launder those towels right away in a separate load using that special detergent, since you don't want wet towels laying around to get moldy, also be sure to NOT use a fabric softener, since that will ruin the towels
    Wilson Auto Detailing - Jun 19 2018 - No More 2 Bucket Wash Method! Stop Wasting Your Customer's Time

    Pre-wash your car
    To pre-clean your Tesla, and your driveway and home, do you really want a gas powered pressure washer to maintain, polluting your neighborhood with noise and exhaust? Yet again, my 4 year old gas powered washer wouldn't start, so I've chosen Wirecutters top pick to replace it:

    The best pressure washer
    PUBLISHED JULY 20, 2018
    Your guide
    Doug Mahoney
    With extra-large wheels, a long hose, a high-end induction motor, and a well-designed GFCI plug, this Ryobi model is the most user-friendly electric pressure washer.
    We recommend an electric pressure washer for most homeowners since that type is easier to use and maintain than a gas model (gas washers are more powerful, but most people don’t need the extra oomph). The quiet-running brushless induction motor of the Ryobi RY142300 should last for years, and the machine’s heft helps make it really hard to tip over ...
    The company’s three-year limited warranty is also the longest we found. The RY142300 costs a little more—$50 to $100 more—than the rest, but if you’ll be using it three or more times a year, it’s the best value.

    See also the Ryobi product page at 2300 PSI BRUSHLESS ELECTRIC PRESSURE WASHER MODEL: #RY142300.

    Ryobi #RY142300 Product Page.

    Also available at Home Depot online and in some stores for a bit less:

    Despite some favorable ratings, the Greenworks GPW1951 1950-PSI Electric Pressure Washer just didn't work out for me, with the hose to the pressure wand kinking up immediately, and clumsy handling.



    • Slime 20332 Inflator Hose Adapter
      I'm not a fan of the threaded connection the pump comes with, as I seem to experience a 2-3 PSI loss now matter how fast I try to disconnect. This adapter solves that issue, with only a brief puff of air heard escaping when the release lever is flipped.



    I found this excellent Tezlab vs. TeslaFi video by Matt Ferrell.

    Undecided with Matt Ferrell - Oct 30 2018 - Apps For Tesla Owners - Tezlab vs. TeslaFi
    Click the screenshot above to get started with TeslaFi.

    TeslaFi - You can get 30 days free free, or 14 days free using the non-affiliate link. For the access token TeslaFi requires so it can get data from my car, I avoided sharing my Tesla.com credentials by creating this token on my Windows system with the simple and free Windows Tesla Auth Token Generator, and steered clear of the "Enable Controls" option in my TeslaFi account. For Mac OS and iOS, you can give Tesla Token a try.

    Jan 08 2019 Update

    I've rearranged what I keep in which center console compartment, adjusting the article above accordingly.

    Jan 20 2019 Update

    Added Amazon Shopping list, and made numerous updates to the article.

    Feb 10 2019 Update

    Added side view mirrors in new Exterior section above.

    Mar 16 2019 Update

    Added Anker USB C to Lightning cables above.

    Apr 29 2019 Update

    Nice to finally have decent weather, and some chances to finally wash my car by hand. Made a bunch of updates to the article above, based on 8,000 miles of travel these first 4 months of Model 3 ownership.

    See also at TinkerTry

    All Tesla related articles:


    I hope to also write an article about Tesla Model 3 charging options, and electricial wiring for your garage, stay tuned.