Sneak peek at what's cooking at TinkerTry in 2019

Posted by Paul Braren on Jan 16 2019 (updated on Jan 17 2019) in
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  • Wondering what's the hopper? Wonder no more, here you go!

    TinkerTry Studio

    Stock photo of workbench for now, with plans to share actual photos of my work bench.
    • My dedicated space now includes a 4 foot by 8 foot Global Industrial Maple Butcher Block Workbench that I sanded and stained, adding Teflon feet that allow me to slide things around with ease, with shelfing to keep all my important stuff close by, and handy space for 8' of backdrop paper that I can change easily at any time. I plan to provide an on camera tour this year, in 4K, of course. Finally my home is properly equipped to unbox, test, podcast, and blog, without "temporarily" leaving my stuff all over the family's ping pong table. Temporary became 5 years. You can see a preview of my studio here and here. Testing of a 10G Synology NAS is happening soon, now I have the room to run those tests in parallel with ongoing Xeon D work.
    • I have also cooked up some particularly effective and somewhat suprising technology pairings, including some recent gadgets I've been testing seen here that include this front-step delivery box coupled with the Ring Stick Up Cam aimed right at it.

    Intel Xeon D

    • First hands-on look at the 8 core Xeon D-2100 based Supermicro SuperServer SYS-E300-9D-8CN8TP. Yes, I'll be changing things up a bit this year, experimenting with potential ways to make the Xeon D-2100's capabilities shine while running quietly. That will require some surgery, should be fun! Of course, my work with the beloved and best selling Xeon D-1500 will continue for years, given the incredible reliability and versatility the mini-tower Bundles continue to deliver to many hundreds of virtualization enthusiasts out there, thanks to Wiredzone.

    New Ring Devices


    Ubiquiti EdgeRouter

    • Seems some pretty serious issues have already been discussed after Jan 7 2019's EdgeMAX EdgeRouter software release v2.0.0 announcement, but one good thing, one very good thing, also caught my eye. This will be a boon for those new to Ubiquiti:

      Enhancements and bug fixes:
      [DHCP] - Enable DHCP on eth1 in factory default configuration

    VMware vSphere/vSAN 6.7 Update 1




    LED Lighting


    Learning to Cook

    • A tast of Hello Fresh and a lower carb alternative Home Chef. Both are delicious and have changed things in my home considerably, for the better. We also enjoy having far less uneaten food going to waste.

    Tesla Model 3

    • I'll be adding to my Tesla articles, and yes, I'm excited about this EV (Electric Vehicle), the most anticipated car ever built. Tesla is striving to hit that $35,000 price that the average gasoline car costs these days. It's always connected and updated, the epitome of IoT (Internet of Things), just a very big and fast Thing, with an impressive reward for a hacker who can break it.
    • There will also be my first hands-on look at what getting an EV Charger upgrade to my home involved with some fun timelapse of the electrical work, and a first hands-on look at the new (released yesterday) Wall Connector with 14-50 Plug. Finally, many more updates to my Model 3 accessories article to come, all based on first-hand testing.
    • Finally, I'll have some experiences with Sense Energy Monitor to share, especially now that they've announced Tesla Model 3 detection.