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Posted by Paul Braren on Sep 26 2018 (updated on Nov 10 2020) in
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    Back at VMworld 2018 US, I was a bit bummed when I heard that there was a home lab panel featuring @sirgeekness @homelaber @DemitasseNZ @virtualhobbit and @importcarguy, at the very same time as I was scheduled to present on another stage. Well, I wasn't bummed for long, since the ever effervescent Lindy Collier-Grady @indylindy22 soon reached out to me to ask if I could be a guest on her Hello From My Homelab series. Heck yeah, sign me up, or something along those lines was my rapid reply.


    So kind of Lindy to take time from her weekend to record a Zoom meeting with me recently, and I hope some of you find value in hearing my story, while having a look at my new workbench and some of the equipment on it. I went with a simple Logitech C920 webcam video, and Bose QuietComfort 35 wireless headphones, to allow easy movement around as needed. My workbench is a key part of my home lab space that I've carved out of my finished basement, and I'll be blogging more about how I put that all together soon. For now, I'm just so glad I finally have the ability to stay organized, getting more done in less time with better lighting, with all my equipment nearby. I'm having a blast down there, with so many ideas for future projects and posts.

    What I show is the workbench portion of my home "lab" that's my way to make my day, doing what I love, tinkering with a variety of gear and sharing what I learn. The video features looks at the latest in NVMe SSDs including Intel Optane / 3D XPoint, a new motherboard, and a SuperServer Bundle. I also show you around my Windows desktop featuring my VMware vSphere 6.7 cluster, which was easily patched to the very latest level, of course.


    If you're interested in learning more about the turn-key SuperServer Bundle that anybody can buy, with a detailed BOM (Build Of Materials), see also


    Everybody has such wildly different ideas about what a home lab can do for them, and for you, so please be sure to check completely different opinions than mine on the VMUG YouTube Channel, featuring many episodes of Hello From My Homelab presented by VMUGAdvantage.

    Sep 29 2020 update - I believe the link below may have been archived, but I found a copy here:

    Click/tap to view "Hello From My Homelab | Episode 7: Paul Braren of TinkerTry - Hello From My Homelab"
    Hello From My Homelab - Episode 7 featuring TinkerTry

    VMUG Advantage EVALExperience


    Of course, my videos feature heavy reliance on software from VMUG Advantage EVALExperience! Just remember, when signing up for your first year, use the discount code of TINKERTRY to get your $20 off that $200 investment in your IT career.

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