VMUG Advantage just added the latest VMware Workstation 14 Pro and Fusion 10 Pro to EVALExperience

Posted by Paul Braren on Oct 12 2017 (updated on Oct 13 2017) in
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    List of VMware software included in EVALExperience, as of October 2017.

    There have been many enhancements to this invaluable $200-a-year EVALExperience program lately, including the additions of vSAN 6.6 / NSX 6.3.1 and vRealize Automation Enterprise. Don't forget that your $20 discount is still available by entering TINKERTRY at checkout!


    If you were buying this desktop software separately every year, it might make sense to go with EVALExperience instead, since it also includes so much of VMware's extensive software portfolio, as pictured at right. Don't 365 day licenses for your non-production environments sound better than those 60 day trial time-bombs? VMUG Advantage licenses are also renewable, for continuity in your lab.

    Save between $80 and $160!

    Workstation 14 Pro upgrades costs $79.99, and new costs $149.99. Fusion 10 Pro upgrades cost $119.99, and new costs $159.99. So if you're needing to run many VMs on your laptops and desktops in addition to your vSphere lab, the very latest (August) releases of VMware's virtualization software for PCs and Macs are now included right in your yearly VMUG Advantage EVALExperience subscription. This further strengthens this already impressive program, see also more details in my many closely-related articles below.


    Here's the login for existing users:

    Upgrade to VMUG Advantage

    Here's the Upgrade Your VMUG Membership Today! link, with a screenshot below of the email that went to all current subscribers earlier today.


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