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Posted by Paul Braren on Jan 6 2019 in
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  • This new podcast episode 385 is now available at the averageguy.tv here, where you can also view, listen, and/or subscribe. Here's an excerpt:

    Paul Braren from https://tinkertry.com and on Twitter at @paulbraren joins this week as we catch up with him and his job with VMware, some travel tech from his trip to Europe, his new Ring Stick Up Cams and his new Tesla 3. All this and more!

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    Best watched on video below, as I show you around my new TinkerTry workbench area in my basement, re-capping vSAN, home lab and NVMe SSDs, and a brief view of the Tesla app too. A little TMI (Too Much Information) actually, with Jim kindly turning on some YouTube blurring effect to cover my blunder. I really appreciate all that time Jim took to handle my mistake. Oh well, such is doing live video, always exciting!

    Our discussion includes some review of my recently-published often updated article:


    and I think I may have even mentioned the very well regarded 11 speaker sound system which brings chills to my spine. Not sure I should share what song I played first to test it.

    Thinking back to my first car, a 1965 Dodge Coronet with a water pump I replaced like 3 times in 3 years with my own hands parked by my college dorm, going through nearly as many car stereos when home. Next car was a Toyota Tercel, and a Ford Fiesta, then many Honda Civics, including my first new car, a 1 month old Honda Civic, totalled when a drunk rear ended us at night.


    Back to the on-air discussion, where I mentioned the Model 3's Dual Motor/All-Wheel-Drive, which, it turns out, may mean the Tesla Model 3 is actually quite good in New England snow.

    By the way, today I logged in to my tesla.com account, and discovered that by remembering to hastily tell my saleman a referral link when placing my $2500 down payment with a credit card, it earned me and our Model 3 six months of free Supercharging! That means that in theory, should Jim do a meetup before July 23rd, I could actually drive from Connecticut to Nebraska for essentially free, using Superchargers along the way. Who wants to calculate whether flying or EV driving makes a bigger carbon footprint?

    It would seem that Tesla's route calculator is VERY conservative about ensuring folks don't run out of juice, with what seems like twice as many stops than necessary, given my 310 mile range. I guess they'd rather ensure folks safe, not sorry.

    Click to see route details and exact charge times.




    VMware vSAN (essentially drive pooling):


    Travel Tech:


    All sorts of gear, including that extended range Gl.iNet travel router I showed/mentioned:


    Receiving shipments more securely at home
    Step 2 583199 Express Parcel Delivery Box (in Black, Mocha, or White), available at:



    Tesla Model 3 (compact) aspires to be a $35,000 electric car, the same as the average car cost today in America, here’s my first story:

    Thank you again Jim, for you being you, and for inviting me again!


    If you or somebody you know finds this Tesla information helpful, please consider using my referral code paul68544 when placing your order for a Tesla product, or use this URL:

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