The Magic Electric (Four) School Bus Giveaway Inspiration

Posted by Paul Braren on Dec 18 2021 in
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    Click/Tap to larn more about the Proterra-powered Thomas bus.

    All of the content in the video featured in the over-the-top first thumbnail below has captured my heart like no other has in years. The Magic Electric School Bus Giveaway that was inspired by Know You Know inspired me, an independent tech writer. I know it'll inspire you too, leaving you feeling good about humanity while pondering why mainstream media doesn't tend to cover stories like this one, and maybe even how you feel about Daimler going forward.

    One of my first encounters with the fun-and-informative videos by Massachusetts-based Zac and Jessie from Know You Know was about the Tesla Model 3 Police Car in Westport Connecticut, a specially-wired first-of-its-kind EV right here in my home state that captured my attention as well.

    I've also been learning more about the way inhaling diesel exhaust fumes affects health, especially the lungs and brains of the children these buses serve. Coincidentally, I'm quite the fan of Flight Simulators too, you'll see why I mention this once you watch the video.

    Please share what you think of all this by using the comments feature below this article or the videos.

    Now You Know - Dec 17 2021 He Watched Our Video, Now He's Giving Away $1 Million?! | In Depth

    Here's the original video that inspired Austin to give via the Ava Lane Meyer Foundation:

    Know You Know - Sep 6 2019 - The Magic School Bus | In Depth

    Here's a short clip, intended to be shared with South Carolina schools interested in submitting their essays by December 31 2021:

    Know You Know - Mar 30 2021 - Wanna Free Electric School Bus? | TTN Clips

    Know You Know now features short-form hot-takes that more easily fit into your schedule, and are easier to share on social media.

    Here's Austin's video that features factory tour and Thomas EV bus test drive.

    Austin Meyer - Dec 02 2021 - KidsRideClean

    Here's my look at another Proterra-powered electric bus right here in Connecticut!

    EV Club of CT - Oct 04 2021 - Overview of Bridgeport Connecticut's Proterra Electric Bus during National Drive Electric Week event

    Finally, here's the site referenced in the video to learn all about what Austin Meyer has done, and what can be done in your community:

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    Here's how Austin Meyer feels about Tesla not being allowed to sell in South Carolina, and an electric plane company he's investing in:

    Beta Technologies - Jun 25 2021 - Martine Rothblatt Flies ALIA



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