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    I had the chance to enjoy my sixth appearance on this fun and informative podcast, you can play this fresh episode in the embedded player below. What a nice surprise that the hosts decided we'd do an entire 1 hr+ episode discussing EV related news, with Aaron rather generously introducing me as their Senior EV Field Correspondent. What an honor, and what a fun way for me to enjoy a Friday off from work!

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    Recorded on December 10, 2021, with me using Telegram for Windows to join the TBP crew.

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    Show Notes

    Here's the links behind the discussion points, copied from the chat we were having on Telegram during the live recording.

    Paul Braren, [12/10/2021 1:18 PM]
    TBP hosts: Any interest in me joining today (4pm central time?) to give some brief EV updates, such as those listed here?


    Darin Zook, [12/10/2021 4:06 PM]
    If you guys go down the EV route today, will be interested to hear the take on this - https://www.theverge.com/2021/12/10/22828220/tesla-cybertruck-prototype-drone-shot-windshield-wiper-elon-musk


    Paul Braren, [12/10/2021 4:15 PM]

    Darin Zook, [12/10/2021 4:16 PM]

    Paul Braren, [12/10/2021 4:16 PM]
    128x32 pixel monochrome display

    Paul Braren, [12/10/2021 4:20 PM]
    Also, made-in-Mexico Mach-E

    but sadly fails Moose Test:

    Aaron Buley, [12/10/2021 4:20 PM]

    Paul Braren, [12/10/2021 4:27 PM]
    EV Owners Show & Tell https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCuu-J0IWcS74x4Zge2rulK1H-OCRooPP

    Paul Braren, [12/10/2021 4:30 PM]

    Paul Braren, [12/10/2021 4:30 PM]
    this guy is awesome

    Paul Braren, [12/10/2021 4:32 PM]

    Paul Braren, [12/10/2021 4:32 PM]
    hard to roll EVs, even in SUV form https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OLgfzGgyVCg

    Paul Braren, [12/10/2021 4:35 PM]
    Jason Finske at Engineering Explained https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClqhvGmHcvWL9w3R48t9QXQ

    Paul Braren, [12/10/2021 4:37 PM]

    Aaron Buley, [12/10/2021 4:38 PM]

    Aaron Buley, [12/10/2021 4:38 PM]


    Russell Cantwell, [12/10/2021 4:39 PM]

    Paul Braren, [12/10/2021 4:43 PM]
    July Porche news https://www.theverge.com/2021/7/2/22559051/porsche-taycan-ev-recall-12-volt-audi-etron-gt and Dec Porche news https://www.taycanforum.com/forum/threads/bizarre-whistleblower-claims-%E2%80%9C60-of-all-delivered-taycan-have-battery-issues-that-caused-replacements-damages-and-fires%E2%80%9D.7809/

    Paul Braren, [12/10/2021 4:43 PM]
    "Porsche Whistleblower: “60% of all delivered Taycan have battery issues that caused replacements, damages and fires”"

    Paul Braren, [12/10/2021 4:45 PM]

    Paul Braren, [12/10/2021 4:45 PM]
    Stellantis CEO complains about being forced to make EVs and not knowing how to profit from them https://electrek.co/2021/12/02/stellantis-ceo-complains-forced-to-make-evs-dont-know-how-to-profit/

    Paul Braren, [12/10/2021 4:49 PM]

    "For example, a vehicle parked for more than two weeks should be connected to a charger, and the customer must ensure that the Taycan’s charging status is maintained between 20% and 50%, and that it cannot be continuously exposed to the sun.

    For vehicles that have not been charged for more than two weeks, the vehicle owner needs to charge the battery to 50% first, and the vehicle owner needs to check every three months, and ensure that the SoC of the battery is above 20%. In addition, the vehicle must be parked at a temperature of 0 to 20 degrees. Within the environment.

    If users do not comply, the warranty period will be reduced to 3 years and 60,000 kilometers."

    Paul Braren, [12/10/2021 4:52 PM]
    Farley said Ford, a core holding in Cramer’s charitable trust, is pushing full production capacity at “70,000 or 80,000 units” for the Lightning, the all-electric version of America’s decadeslong best-selling F-series pickup truck. “We’re going to try to double that,” he said. “We’ve done it in the past. Don’t bet against Ford when we have to increase capacity. This is what we do.” The Lightning is expected to arrive in dealerships by mid-2022.

    Paul Braren, [12/10/2021 5:00 PM]

    Paul Braren, [12/10/2021 5:00 PM]
    "The infrastructure bill signed into law by President Joe Biden on Monday includes more than just funding for roads and bridges. It also updates regulations to finally bring adaptive headlights to the U.S.

    Adaptive headlights, also known as matrix headlights, consist of numerous small LED elements and mirrors that can control a light beam in complex ways. This allows the lights to be more precisely aimed, illuminating what the driver needs to see without blinding other motorists.

    This goes a step beyond current automatic high beams, which simply shut off the high beam when an oncoming car approaches. Adaptive headlights can shut off the lighting elements facing the oncoming car, while keeping the rest of the road fully lit"

    Russell Cantwell, [12/10/2021 5:02 PM]

    Aaron Buley, [12/10/2021 5:04 PM]

    Paul Braren, [12/10/2021 5:12 PM]


    Aaron Buley, [12/10/2021 5:17 PM]

    Darin Zook, [12/10/2021 5:18 PM]

    Paul Braren, [12/10/2021 5:18 PM]
    wiper tech in my twitter reply here https://twitter.com/paulbraren/status/1197355936693837825?s=20

    Aaron Buley, [12/10/2021 5:18 PM]


    Paul Braren, [12/10/2021 5:18 PM]

    Paul Braren, [12/10/2021 5:25 PM]
    Off to check out Autoworks https://inductiveauto.com here in Connecticut now, thank you all for so much fun! I’ll do a shownotes post at TinkerTry.com soon

    Aaron Buley, [12/10/2021 5:30 PM]
    "Is playing Doom on an ATM a sound investment strategy? Tyler, I'd like your take." - Russell Lol, one of my favorite lines from today's show

    Darin Zook, [12/10/2021 5:33 PM]
    I concur. I was laughing pretty hard at that.

    Paul Braren, [12/10/2021 5:36 PM]
    and Tyler, speaking of water heater failures (and water pumps that are also in EVs), see

    Some references/links missing from the chat transcript above:

    Mary Barra

    Round Rock TX Supercharging for Cybertrucks?

    Ford F-150 Lightning delays further into 2022?


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