Reminiscing with Alfred Poor about Microsoft Flight Simulator, for aNewDomain

Posted by Paul Braren on Nov 27 2013 (updated on Nov 26 2020) in
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    I've been given the opportunity to be a Senior Contributor at aNewDomain by renowned author Gina Smith:

    co-founder with John C. Dvorak of the scitech and geek culture site aNewDomain, Gina's now-legendary team includes some of the top writers, editors, photojournalists, techpros and artists in the world. Their mission is to reignite independent and ethical journalism in tech and other high-interest sectors.

    The article appears here:

    Nov 26 2020 Update - The above URL has been taken down, but special thanks to for preserving the article here:

    This particular article is about the invention of Microsoft Flight Simulator, and the dawn of the PC gaming industry. Don't miss the video, where I catch up with fellow flight enthusiast Alfred Poor, here's an excerpt:

    Paul Braren, who recently joined aNewDomain, told us he was always a huge fan of "Alfred Poor’s Computer Cures" columns in Computer Shopper.  The two first met in 1992 at Cornell University at a Microsoft Flight Simulator conference. At the time, Braren was a teaching assistant with Cornell professor and world renowned sleep expert Jim Maas. But no one was sleeping at this event. Back then, Microsoft Flight Simulator had everyone on the edge of their seat. Here’s Paul Braren with more.

    In case you're wondering, my is also continuing to grow, and I've got a dozen more exciting home lab projects in the hopper. You just might occasionally bump into my posts elsewhere on the web as well.

    Nov 26 2020 Update

    Today, one of my sons let me know of this amazing video below that @tomwarren featured in this tweet, so glad he did, totally made my day!

    Noclip - Nov 26 2020 - How Microsoft Flight Simulator Recreated Our Entire Planet | Noclip Documentary