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Posted by Paul Braren on Sep 16 2023 in
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  • Thank you again Jim, for you being you, and for inviting me again! Including "The Home Tech Podcast" episodes, it's my 18th time on the air with you, with all of them listed below! It's always fun to catch up. I've got a few notes below, just in case you'd like to explore any of these items a little further.

    We discussed my recent solar experiences, and some of the benefits and challenges when going all-electric in our new-to-us 33-year-old home. We bought the house on Sep 15 2022, then moved in by October 1 2022, getting the biggest renovations done in that 2 week period including all new HVAC equipment. Let's just say things got a little crazy, and we're still not done!

    Jim’s Podcast episode and video announcement post:

    • Paul Braren and Lots of Stuff to Catch Up on! – HGG584

      Posted on Sun September 10, 2023 by Jim Collison

      Paul Braren from TinkerTry.com joins me this week and we catch up with him. It’s been a busy time for Paul. Both moving and changing jobs has kept him on his toes when it comes to technology. We talk about everything solar, updating an older house for solar, EVs and the challenges and benefits of managing your own power—that and lots more. Thanks for listening!


    Sep 10 2023 - The Average Guy TV - Paul Braren and Lots of Stuff to Catch Up on! – HGG584

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