Supermicro SuperServer SYS-5028D-TN4T 65 watt 12 core Xeon D-1567 uses taller heatsink and larger, slower CPU fan than 8 core 45 watt Xeon D-1541

Posted by Paul Braren on Oct 27 2016 (updated on Apr 23 2017) in
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  • In the article I recently published:

    right there, at 23 minutes and 37 seconds into the video

    • 00:23:37 - new CPU heatsink / fan discovered

    ...where I notice that the CPU heatsink/fan combination is new. Taller, more like those 1U passive cooling CPU heat sinks with tall vanes seen in the SYS-E200-8D (pictured at right), but with a new fan assembly that I haven't found anywhere else with the Googles. A different fan model too, all the details collected right here below.

    Before I fly to Orlando next week to demonstrate my micro-cluster pictured at right, I'll be updating this article with the results of some side-by-side tests of the two systems. Each is configured with one SM951 M.2 NVMe 128GB SSD each, both will be at the same BIOS 1.1c and IPMI 3.31 before the severe Windows Server 2016 based stress-tests resume, using the same VEB backup image all the other tests were performed with this summer.


    Comparison Test Results

    These repeated tests will also allow me to update my comparison chart's Xeon D-1567 column with the results, along with those dB measurements, of course:

    Meanwhile, you can see already view some initial test of the thermal characteristics of this new Xeon D-1567 system here.

    SYS-5028D-TN4T 8 Core

    Xeon D-1541

    45 Watts TDP, 2.1GHz/2.7GHz

    SNK-C0057A4L. Click for a closer look.
    • Supermicro SNK-C0057A4L
      CPU Heatsink/Fan Assembly, includes
      Deltec EFB0512HHA-R00 CPU fan that is usually sold with 3 pins, but Supermicro seems to have a 4 pin PWM speed control version

    Low profile heatsink paired with the 50 mm fan.
    Rated for 13.6 CFM at 6500 RPM at 33.5 dB(A).

    SYS-5028D-TN4T 12 Core

    Xeon D-1567

    65 Watts TDP, 2.1GHz/2.7GHz

    SNK-C0092A4L. Click for a closer look.

    Tall heatsink that's also used for the 1U high SYS-E300-8D 4 core, paired with the 60 mm fan.
    Rated for 26.8 CFM at 5000 RPM at 36.5 dB(A).

    Air baffle hovers above SNK-C0057A4L.
    Air baffle bent slightly to clear taller Supermicro SNK-C0092A4L.
    Deltec EFB0512HHA-R00 fan on Supermicro heatsink, assembly called SNK-C0057A4L.
    Nidec UltraFlo U60R [U60R12MUBB-5] fan on Supermicro heatsink, assembly called SNK-C0092A4L.
    12 Core Bundle 2, just after I added 2 additional 32GB DIMMs, 128 Total [max].
    Xeon D-1541 at left, Xeon D-1567 at right, at idle [BIOS screen]. Ready for some comparative internal temperature tests, later next week.
    Xeon D-1518 passively cooled 4 core in the SYS-E300-8D uses the same SNK-C0092L heatsink as the actively cooled Xeon D-1567 in the SYS-5028D-TN4T 12 core.

    Oct 30 2016 Update

    By default, hyper-threading is enabled. Beyond the 33% boost in core count [from 8/16 cores/threads to 12/24 cores/threads], also notice the L1, L2, and L3 cache values are boosted 33% as well, so scaling should be nearly linear.
    By default, hyper-threading is enabled. Beyond the 33% boost in core count [from 8/16 cores/threads to 12/24 cores/threads], also notice the L1, L2, and L3 cache values are boosted 33% as well, so scaling should be nearly linear.

    Apr 23 2017 Update

    I had hoped that Supermicro eStore or Wiredzone could be convinced to carry the Supermicro SNK-C0092A4L part as something that could be ordered separately, but despite some customers asking the same question, we failed.


    Comparing Supermicro SuperServer Xeon D-1541 and Xeon D-1567 - watts & temps under heavy load
    Comparing Supermicro SuperServer Xeon D-1518 and Xeon D-1528 - watts & temps under heavy load
    Here's the 2 systems under test, using PFCLCD UPSs for USB real-time signaling of watt usage.
    Close look at Supermicro SNK-C0057A4L Heatsink/Fan assembly unboxing

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