Voter results are in for Supermicro SuperServer bundle preferences featuring Xeon D-1541/1567/1587

Posted by Paul Braren on Jun 1 2016 in
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  • Back on May 19th, I kicked off the vote with this tweet:

    Thanks Canada & @Wiredzone for first-in-world look at Xeon D-1587 16 core SuperServer!

    .@Wiredzone Video ready Vote now for your favorite Xeon D-1500 @Supermicro_SMCI SuperServer!

    — Paul Braren (@paulbraren) May 19, 2016

    soon followed by this article:

    with polls closing at the end of May. Now it's June!

    Lessons Learned

    There were two hiccups in my first real SurveyMonkey survey:

    • I had to remove two duplicate IPs (two votes from the same household), leaving 109 valid respondents
    • I made a mistake in the 3 descriptions, described here, so I probably should have listed all 3 units at 64GB of RAM instead of 128GB of RAM, knocking about $400 USD dollars off of each bundle

    but I'd still say that the voting results are quite telling. More folks want a lower cost SuperServer. Higher core/higher cost systems are more niche, and would likely sell in lower volumes. I really appreciate that so many people took the time to cast their vote.

    I will be using this data to try to encourage Supermicro to make a 12 core, and maybe a 16 core, system. I'll also be looking into manually assembled 12 and 16 core systems sold as a bundle by Wiredzone. For me personally, I'd like a Xeon D-1567 12 core myself, to join my rather lonely Xeon D-1541 SuperServer that would love to have a 10GbE connected friend.

    Stay tuned!


    Voting results, from 109 respondents.

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