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Posted by Paul Braren on Mar 4 2017 in
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  • Veeam certainly seems to be very good at attracting talent with a penchant for highly valuable newsletters. You may recall my piece about the always-amazing Anton Gostev:

    Anton continues to put out late-breaking news and stories about VMware and Microsoft that you won't find anywhere else.

    Then recently another guy joined those I follow at Veeam is Michael White. He's a Global Technical Evangelist who really got my attention with this article:


    Well, he's really kept up with incredibly detailed and informative adventures in IT in his newsletter, with some very useful tips and links. I totally look forward to spotting these gems in my messy email inbox. I can only imagine how much time he must spend researching all these diverse and interesting topics, curating it all for our benefit. Here's the latest example, with some sample excerpts below:

    • Newsletter: March 4, 2017
      Mar 04 2017 by Michael White and

      Hello all,

      I hope that everyone had a very nice week, or, if not, I hope you are enjoying the weekend? I had a good week, another one at home, and got a lot of lab work done. I hope to finish my part of the work lab and I quite look forward to it!

      With all the lab work, I updated a few things. My vSphere Best practices, for example and I confirmed my Dump Collector article works fine with vSphere 6.5. My vSphere Best practices are in fact just recommendations, but they are very good ones. I also released a new article about vSphere templates and Windows 10.
      vCenter 6.0 U3 and ESXi 6.0 U3 released
      I think they dropped the day of my last newsletter but Magnus breaks things down nicely of that and related releases in this article. Cormac has some thoughts to share on U3 and vSAN. Anthony has some thoughts on it as it relates to service providers.
      Using SD cards for embedded ESXi and vSAN?
      John has an interesting article and more so since I do use SD cards in both my work and home labs. I agree with John and have added this to my vSphere Best Practices. John is one of the smartest Technical Marketing guys I know and it is always worth listening to him. He is also a great dinner companion!
      vSAN Deduplication and Compression
      Jeff has a nice video that talks about dedupe and compression in vSAN. And it is all Jeff Hunter! Nice job!!

    Convinced? Just fill in the Follow BLOG via Email form at the top-right of every one of his articles, or right on his homepage, and or follow him @mwVme. Enjoy!

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