VMworld 2015, hands-off labs? All hands-on labs completely full in under 23 hours.

Posted by Paul Braren on Jul 21 2015 (updated on Jul 24 2015) in
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    For those of you attending VMworld 2015 San Francisco, as of July 21st, you can now pre-register for the sessions you plan to attend. Well, some of the talks and presentations, but not the hands-on labs. Yeah, I guess those coveted spots are evaporating rather quickly, see also the conversation here.

    Once you login, you'll quickly discover that the two key categories tinkerers like me want to attend are fully booked:

    1. Hands-On Labs Expert-Led Workshop
    2. Hands-On Labs Self-Paced Lab

    Well, to be fair, there is one session with spots available as of this writing, seen with the light-blue + next to it at the very bottom of the 2nd screenshot below. Huh?

    I also noticed that many of the more popular breakout sessions are already full as well (I'm on 8 wait-lists), so if you haven't already chosen your schedule, I'd suggest you do so as soon as possible.

    Having not attended VMworld since 2012, I'd love to hear from others. Is this just how the first day of sign-ups goes, and more spots become available? Or am I really going to be getting zero hands-on time at VMworld 2015, because I had the nerve to sleep last night after the sign-ups went live very early today?

    Any and all advice or feedback welcome, just drop a comment below!


    JUL 21 2015 10:14pm Update

    There you have it, just one seat left!


    JUL 21 2015 11:06pm Update

    Yep, that's it, no more seats left, just 22 and a half hours after registration began.


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