VMworld 2012 San Francisco August 26th-30th, I'll be there for you!

Posted by Paul Braren on Jul 2 2012 in
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    From http://www.vmworld.com/community/conference/us

    Had the wonderful opportunity to get to VMworld 2007 in San Francisco, and VMworld 2008 in Las Vegas, some pix I snapped here. It's been a long 4 year wait. Just finalized my travel plans today.

    I will be in San Francisco from Saturday August 25th through Friday August 31st. I plan to squeeze all the hands-on lab time and sessions that I possibly can, given this amazing opportunity that I'm very lucky to have.

    I am so looking forward to this. Even better, the chance to possibly meet some of you folks!

    If you too will be at VMworld 2012, please reach out to me for meet-up at TinkerTry.com/contact, or even better, follow me on Google+.

    I will be carrying my passion with me where ever I go, wishing for better Hypervisors on affordable/commodity hardware, having been into using virtualization regularly for over a decade now.

    The part I tend to enjoy the most about such conferences is the folks I get to talk to, such as Jane Kuo, who was then the VMware Workstation Product Manager, back in 2007.

    Then there's the goodies, such as the Kingston USB flash memory stick that all 11,000 of us received with ESXi 3 beta code that same year. Of course, I went ahead and tried it on entirely unsupported hardware the second I got home, and Ghost cloned it, to share the fun with others in a private lab, who were more Windows-y folks (comfortable with cloning software), than Linux-y (command line dd copy style cloning).

    Finally, there's the interesting stories that go along with lunch with complete strangers, and the new contacts you make with folks that share your passions.

    This year, around 20,000 souls are expected to attend, many of which will surely enjoy the Bon Jovi concert. I know I will.

    Can't wait, just 55 more days!