Samsung at CES 2012: Ultimate TV Super OLED Sensation

Posted by Paul Braren on Jan 15 2012 (updated on Jan 16 2012) in
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  • This short 1080p video says it all. While my Canon Vixia HF S200 camcorder cannot do justice to the real-life experience of eyeballing this 55" beauty, at least you'll get some idea. In a nutshell, they looked great, better than anything currently available.

    I used the Canon stabilization feature, and YouTube's stabilization feature, to smooth out the at-arms-length hand-held camera shake. Despite the reduced resolution and cropping from the software stabilization algorithms, I don't notice any obvious loss of perceived quality.

    Judge the before-and-after set of 1 minute videos for yourself!

    Original footage (taken with camcorder's built-in stabilization turned on):

    Same footage, uploaded to YouTube unaltered, then YouTube Stabilized: