Insteon Hub first impressions, easier home automation, configured right from your smartphone

April 20 2022 Urgent Update - Insteon ceased all sales and service operations abruptly in mid April of 2022, as covered by arstechnica here. Their abrupt closure left customers without access to their hubs to change any settings, myself included. While hasn't been taken offline yet, I…

Dec 22 2012

Samsung at CES 2012: Ultimate TV Super OLED Sensation

This short 1080p video says it all. While my Canon Vixia HF S200 camcorder cannot do justice to the real-life experience of eyeballing this 55" beauty, at least you'll get some idea. In a nutshell, they looked great, better than anything currently available. I used the Canon stabilization…

Jan 15 2012

Green route to JFK for trip to CES, hopefully we make our 9:30am flight!

We seem to have broken all mpg records for our drive from CT to JFK this clear morning, pretty green driving. Yes, I'm just the copilot for this drive. Now let's hope the last 15 miles go smoothly!

Jan 10 2012

Remote control your iPhone audio stream, for FM radios anywhere in your house

I like a sturdy cradle near my monitor when I work, allows me to easily operate the iPhone, and dock/undock with one hand, even with a case on the iPhone.  In the photo below, note how some tan felt pads are used to cushion the phone. Bending the aluminum slightly at the base of the stand, and 2 l…

Jul 12 2011