Day 4 of no power and counting

Posted by Paul Braren on Nov 2 2011 (updated on Jan 22 2013) in
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  • I'm sorry my posts have decreased in frequency, as I'm fighting the after-effects of a freak early snowstorm in the Northeast on Satuday, October 29th.  It took down many trees (that still had leaves on them), and downed more power lines than anything I can recall in my town in 17 years.  So my near-term focus is more on:

    • on helping my extended family find gas for generators
    • restoring heat
    • and hooking up temporary wiring
    • saving fridge food
    • and getting my own home fully back online by next week

    Our state is in pretty rough shape, with crews from Quebec helping out:

    Here's a photo I took today, Wednesday Nov 4th, in nearby Higganum Connecticut, with numerous power lines still down, sometimes laying right across the street.  You'll see a temporary AT&T-owned John Deere generator I spotted roadside, presumably keeping service (barely) going.  Placing and receiving AT&T & Verizon calls has been hit-or-miss all week.  The fragility of our ever-more-important cellular connections is now very apparent to my entire extended family, as is the usefulness of WhatsApp for keeping in touch and sharing critical information, like who has gas, and where to get electrical parts, etc.).