LSI knowledgebase article points to TinkerTry for method to configure LSI RAID on Z68 motherboard

Posted by Paul Braren on Dec 19 2011 in
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    LSI KnowledgeBase Article 16602, I have an ASROCK Z68 chipset motherboard, and I cannot get into the MegaRAID WebBIOS.

    LSI has now published an article explaining how to get into the Ctrl+H WebBIOS configuration screens on the ASRock Z68 chipset motherboards, seen here:

    Thank you Jason at LSI, author of the article! It's great that LSI is actually pointing right to:

    Readers, I have to say, LSI technical support has been wonderfully persistent in helping me successfully configure my LSI 9265-8i controller under ESXi 5.0. See also my recently updated article here:

    See also reviews discussed here:

    Notice that LSI actually points to SSD Review at the lower right big button (see graphic below) on the LSI 9265-8i product page as well: