LSI 9265-8i with FastPath has the sheer power for RAID with 6Gb/s SSDs

Posted by Paul Braren on Oct 22 2011 (updated on Oct 24 2011) in
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  • It would seem I should start saving up for FastPath!  You may recall my post about using the LSI 9265-8i controller for ESXi 5.0 at

    You'll also see I'm still struggling with the exact method to always get the MegaRAID administrative interface working from within a VM.  But once I clear that last hurtle, it's good to know that if I choose to install some SSDs and FastPath someday, I may have some glorious speed coming my way.  As usual, I tend to believe things more when it's with my own two eyes.  And since I plan to abuse this adapter for the next 3-4 years, I'm really in this for the long haul, not just your usual short-term test.  And I do plan to get the CacheCade 2.0 SSD read/write caching of my RAID5 array as well, once it ships, written about at

    So, check out this amazingly in-depth and well-written full review, released minutes ago, all about the LSI 9265-8i controller versus the Adaptec 6805.  Here's a snippet:

    LSI really has pulled off a huge win, with first the LSISAS2108 ROC, which I personally had the pleasure of watching mature in the 9260. The first true 6Gb/s controller, the 9260 became the leader of the pack.

    Now in the 9265 LSI has debuted the LSISAS2208 ROC, a dual core variant of the wildly popular 2108. This ROC is simply unmatched in performance, and this has placed LSI in the position to absolutely dominate the market.

    Here's the full story at!