LSI 9265-8i 5.1 October 8, 2012 Firmware 1881 for LSI CacheCade and non-CacheCade RAID controllers has arrived

Posted by Paul Braren on Oct 15 2012 in
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    Here's what the MegaRAID Firmware 1881 ReadMe says:

    SCGCQ00293603 - Cachecade configurations could not be created.

    Well, for a few months now, I've been having trouble getting CacheCade Pro 2.0 read+write caching working using my Samsung 830 SSD. My consolation prize is just read caching. This is with my LSI00290 hardware key for CacheCade 2.0, and my LSI 9265-8i RAID controller, explained at
    CacheCade Pro 2.0 with FastPath, unboxing and installing the LSI00290 onto my 9265-8i RAID controller.

    While that SSD isn't on their compatibility list, I'm still a bit baffled why I can't turn read+write caching on, like I had working for a while when I tested the OCZ Vertex 4, described at

    So when I read that readme above, I was optimistic this firmware update might help. You'll hear my optimism in the video. Unfortunately, I still have my issue with caching though, so of course I'll continue to work with LSI support on that issue, getting another SSD if need be.

    Meanwhile there's good news to be found here:

    1) running MegaRAID 5.4 within a Windows 8 VM has gotten even easier

    No need for the Python script workaround anymore, meaning discovery of CIMOM running on your ESXi 5.1 Hypervisor is now seen directly, removing the need for any 3rd party tweaks like the one I described recently over at:
    ESXi 5.1 host with LSI 92xx RAID adapter can run a VM with fully functional MegaRAID Storage Manager UI, here’s how

    2) using MegaRAID 5.4 within a Windows 8 VM allows you to update firmware to 23.9.0-0015 1881!

    Don't believe me? Watch the video!

    Here's those downloads for the 9265/9266 RAID adapter family:

    Here's the individual pieces you'll want, that you'll see me use in the walkthru-video below:

    Description: Support for CacheCade and non-CacheCade RAID controllers
    Version: 23.9.0-0015 Size: 4.3M
    Read Me

    MegaRAID Storage Manager - Windows - 5.4
    Version: Size: 45.3M
    Read Me