CacheCade Pro 2.0 with FastPath, unboxing and installing the LSI00290 onto my 9265-8i RAID controller

Posted by Paul Braren on May 10 2012 (updated on May 15 2012) in
  • Storage
  • At last, received part # LSI00290 today, directly from LSI at:

    Description on box:

    LSI CacheCade Software
    Advanced Software Option Hardware Key
    UPC 8 3034300224 5


    Here's what LSI00290 looks like installed, see green arrows:


    Here's the unboxing:

    I like the notches that grab the tiny card when it's fully inserted, and hold it in place.
    Here's the installing:

    Next up, trying out the LSI9265-8i, should work right away for those without 30 day trial keys in place, a bit trickier if you've been using the trial keys...