Good look at free "VM Monitor" Windows utility by SolarWinds, works with ESXi 5.5 and 6.0

Posted by Paul Braren on Feb 27 2012 (updated on Nov 8 2015) in
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  • Update Nov 08 2015 - New article now up, with new screenshots under Windows 10:

    - Free SolarWinds VM Monitor works nicely on Windows 10 to monitor your VMware ESX 3.5 right through ESXi 6.0 Update 1a

    Original article below


    Today, I came across an article from #1 VMware blogger Duncan Epping of fame, that pointed me to Chris Colotti's also excellent blog at The specific article that caught my attention was about this small (8MB) Windows utility, intended to be left running in your system tray, perfect for monitoring a single ESX host, such as my vZilla.

    Here's his full article, help out by visiting his site with the download link:

    See also my accompanying video below, a dive into the product's installation and functions. It appears to only use about 59MB of RAM, and CPU utilization never seems to rise above 0%. As far as my new VMs, well, you can see, at a glance, that I've wildly over-provisioned memory: time to prune back the vCenter Appliance and vZilla RAM assigments quite a bit, or tune the settings to not turn to red quite so early.

    In the coming days, I'll avoid reboots of my workstation, to watch for signs of application misbehavior over time, such as resource utilization growth (signs of a memory leak), CPU spikes, etc.

    Here's a look at a section of the integrated browser-based help, it's what comes up when you click the '?' button. Click the image to view the entire help system!

    Looks promising so far, free for use with one ESX/ESXi host. What do you think? (comment below open to all)

    Aug 29 2013 Update

    Here's an update from the folks at SolarWinds, as far as official ESXi 5.5 support:

    The take home message is that it still works!
    (with one minor issue that can be worked around)


    Oct 29 2015

    I have verified that SolarWinds VM Monitor version 1.1.0 still works fine with the latest versions of VMware's Hypervisor, including ESXi 6.0 Update 1a Build 3073146. Beware, if you set an invalid userid/password, ESXi will clam up and act strange on you. Somebody knocking on the door with invalid credentials, over and over, is apt to do that. Learned that one the hard way ;-)

    New article now up, with new screenshots under Windows 10:

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