SSD Benchmarking Expert Allyn Malventano is back online, with recent appearances on Intel Memory Storage Moment and on PC Perspective Podcast chatting about Tesla eMMC!

Posted by Paul Braren on Feb 10 2021 (updated on Feb 11 2021) in
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  • Roughly two years ago, Ryan Shrout, Allyn Malventano, and Ken Addison headed from their massive accomplishments at PC Perspective to join Intel. I had the honor of meeting these guys in the PC Perspective studio, and Allyn was kind enough to even record an NVMe story swap with me in that very same studio. It was also a lot of fun to see a live podcast recording in those hallowed PC Perspective studios in Florence Kentucky, after I was finished teaching a bit about vSAN in nearby Cincinnati for the day, back when I was at VMware. Yes, I can still remember a time when I flew places.

    While Allyn continues to work away at Intel, it's a great joy to share that Allyn has seemingly returned to video lately too, capturing how he goes about benchmarking SSDs. As usual, he goes pretty deep.

    He also has re-capturing much of the PC Perspective Podcast fun during his recent special appearance on episode 614, where it just so happened that he's the best guy on the planet to describe exactly what happened with the recent 8GB Tesla eMMC issue with 2018 and older Model S and X EVs. A perfect combining of his passion for EVs (Model S Autocross and a Model 3) with his knowledge of all things solid state storage. Nicely done, PC Perspective!

    Serious Allyn Malventano

    Click/tap the image above to view "Real-world Benchmarking" by Allyn Malventano, Storage Technical Analyst at Intel

    Video Description:

    Learn about storage benchmark workloads, how to design your workload, and how to evaluate the results from your storage tests. Also, learn some platform and power management tips and tricks when you are benchmarking.

    Fun Alvin Maltavino

    Click/tap the image above to view Feb 06 2021 - PC Perspective - PC Perspective Podcast 614 - More Powerful Than You Can Possibly Imagine

    Video Description:

    In this high-powered edition of the PC Perspective podcast the legendary Allyn Malventano (or is it Maltavino?) joins us for TWO HOURS of spirited tech talk. Expect technical discussion, leaking Tesla screen props, angry rants about display latency, and intense burger talk. And probably some other things.

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