If you've been reading about vSphere 6 before its release, see also "Clarifying the misinformation"

Posted by Paul Braren on Feb 17 2015 in
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  • You may remember my VMware vSphere 6 Beta Program is now open to the public! article, where I highlighted VMware's unprecedented attempt to get more beta testers than ever before.

    The long awaited February 2nd launch of vSphere 6 didn't come along with General Availability of the code for folks to download. Naturally, this led to eager folks reading about what experiences folks were having with various beta builds, TinkerTry.com included.

    Turns out there will be some significant differences between the beta builds and the upcoming RTM bits, and it's all nicely described for you by VMware's Mike Brown, with some excerpts below:

    vSphere 6 - Clarifying the misinformation

    With the Announcement of vSphere 6 this week there is a lot of information being published by various sources. Some of that information is based on old beta builds and is much different than what we'll see in the final product. In this post I aim to correct some of the information based on the beta builds that's floating around out there.
    vSphere C# Client beta builds had only host client functionality enabled. With the GA build, you can use the vSphere C# Client to connect to vCenter to do all activities just the way you would have done with previous releases. However, all new features from vSphere 5.1 onwards are available only in vSphere web client