VMware Workstation 10 / Player 6 run Windows 8.1 just fine, here’s how to make the VM even friendlier

Posted by Paul Braren on Sep 9 2013 in
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  • vmware-workstation-10-runs-windows-8-1-fine-heres-how-to-make-it-vm-friendly

    Today, Microsoft pleasantly surprised the world by getting Windows 8.1 out to current MSDN and TechNet subscribers, early than expected. Excellent, I'm ready, with VMware ESXi 5.5 (likely the GA code) already running in my home lab. Of course, I just had to see how the hypervisor and this shiny new Microsoft OS would get along. Quite nicely! This is the RTM 8.1 code that'll become GA next month, Version 6.3 Build 9600.

    That was pretty darn easy. Just pick "Windows 8 x64" from the 'New Virtual Machine Wizard' and you've got yourself a VM, in under 6 minutes on my SSD-empowered laptop. After a quick install of VMware Tools, I then I did my usual little tweaks, like disabling the screensaver, and setting the clock correctly. It all works just as nicely with the free VMware Player 6 Plus. Check out the full HD video, and leave your comments below!