New England Virtualization User Groups: Presenting ESXi/Hyper-V on vZilla and attending Paul Thurrott's talk about Windows 8

Posted by Paul Braren on Mar 2 2012 (updated on May 14 2014) in
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  • I'm the kind of geek IT Professional that likes to see live demonstrations, if I make the drive to evening or weekend user group meetings. I find it fun to see speakers take risks, and not worry too much about a little something going spectacularly wrong during a live demo. Much more entertaining. So with that in mind, after about 10 months of "home lab" time, I'm ready to get out and about more, chat with other live humans, and present in front of a crowd. Always great fun to meet others.

    So if you'll be in the area, please consider registering for either or both these shamelessly plugged events!

    Saturday, March 10, 2012, Randolph, Massachussetts
    "Virtualization Deep Dive Day 2012"


    As long time member of the always-fun Virtualization Group - Boston, I have been given the opportunity to present:
    "Build Your Own VMware ESXi and Microsoft Hyper-V lab at Home, using Commodity Hardware."

    I don't believe we'll be allowed any live streaming from the facility, as I do a live demonstration from 11:00am-11:50am eastern time. I'll keep you posted, if you follow me on Google+.

    I'll be in impressive company, with folks like Paul Thurrott also presenting, the famed creator of, and weekly podcaster on TWIT's Windows Weekly. I'm sure relieved we're not presenting at the same time, so I can get to hear his talk in person, live.

    Here's the full day's schedule, including Brian Madden, known as "an opinionated, super technical, fiercely independent desktop virtualization expert":

    Wednesday May 2, 2012, Farmington Connecticut
    Connecticut VMUG User Conference


    Stop by for the VMware education sessions, meet partners and VMware employees, grill exhibitors, and collect swag. Oh yeah, free lunch too!