Official TinkerTry polo shirts and stickers now available.

Posted by Paul Braren on Jul 29 2015 (updated on Mar 30 2017) in
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    That day has arrived. The day you can get your own polo shirt or TinkerTry IT @ home stickers. Mens and ladies styles for the shirts. Stickers go both ways.

    If you click on the image below to order the shirt, you'll see the "Apple" color indicated in your shopping cart, which is the color of my first shirt that I photographed for you. I want you to know exactly what you're getting.

    Maybe someday I'll spot somebody like you at a conference someday wearing one of these. If so, I'll certainly thank you, and hand you an exclusive in-person-only trinket. Even better, let's talk about tech stuff, face to face, imagine that. I'm easy to find, since you can probably guess what shirt I'll be wearing ;-)

    Polo Shirt -

    100% Pima Cotton. Click the above image to place your order at QB Online Stores.

    It can take up to 12 business days, from the time you order with a major credit card (no PayPal yet), to the day your shirt arrives. But 7 business days is more common. A single shirt will ship for a flat rate of $8.15 to anywhere in the US, but they can also ship anywhere in the world too.

    Despite the tan color shown in the first landing page at QBStores, worry not, the shirt is green, as you'll see once you choose Men's or Women's Peruvian Pima Pique.

    Stickers - TinkerTry IT @ home


    Your order is processed and fulfilled by Sticker Mule. I have personally ordered all of these variations, they look great, are very sticky, yet they don't seem to leave a residue if peeled off. Good quality, durable, and unlike these preview images above, the fonts are sharp/clear.


    Free shipping to US customers, usually takes around 2 weeks to receive your item. They can ship anywhere in the world.


    For 2015, these are the products I'm offering. A special moment in time, that took a fair bit of tweaking to get just right. Please consider letting others know how you feel about your ordering experience, or the quality of your received product(s) by dropping a comment below. Or send me a private email with "Swag" in the subject line, using Thank you!