Deep dive inside video of the Supermicro SuperServer 5028D-TN4T including component installation

Posted by Paul Braren on Jul 2 2015 (updated on Jul 26 2015) in
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  • I'm pleased to announce a new video that takes you all around and inside this mini-tower server, with some constructive advice. During the course of this comprehensive look at the physical design, I also find that all of the following assembly was quite straight-forward:

    1. unboxing (extremely simple)
    2. adding 2 32GB memory modules (also easy)
    3. adding a 3.5" drive (straight forward)
    4. adding 2 2.5" SSDs (routing a new cable takes an extra minute)
    5. installing a half-height PCI card (intermediate difficulty)
    6. powering up


    Here's the 20 second trailer/teaser.
    Here's the full length hardware deep-dive video.
    Here's the full length software deep-dive video.

    Windows 10 and ESXi 6.0 are on this SuperServer, including:

    • Poking around vSphere 6.0 running on this little Xeon Octocore beast.
    • EVC/vMotion.
    • Hardware monitoring.
    • Ejecting a VMFS datastore from ESXi properly.
    • Showing VT-d (passthrough/VMDirectPath) of the VisionTek 7750 3M PCIe 2GB DDR3 4K UHD 3 Monitor 4K Support Graphics Card, then booting that same Windows 10 VM's SSD natively, which also demonstrates Supermicro iKVM.
    A quick look at power-up, with real-time watt burn monitored, 2 SSDs and 1 3.5" HDD, with Microsoft Windows 8.1.
    VMware ESXi 6.0, booting off a USB drive.

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