Supermicro debuts new compact Intel Xeon Processor D based products and complete servers/storage solutions at Embedded World, Nuremberg

Posted by Paul Braren on Feb 23 2016 (updated on Feb 24 2016) in
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  • Preliminary pricing info is starting to appear, read more below.

    Supermicro Press Release

    Today's Supermicro Press release has all the details about the debut of 12 and 16 core Xeon D-1500 systems and motherboards:

    “The new Intel Xeon processor D product family brings advanced technologies and performance into a dense, low-power system-on-a-chip architecture, extending intelligence to the data center and network edge,” said Lisa Spelman, Vice President of Marketing, Data Center Group, Intel Corporation. “With Supermicro’s embedded solutions expertise and broad integration of Intel Xeon Processor D-1500 across their server and storage products, we are delivering powerful, agile, and scalable solutions to enable new embedded, IoT, and Data Center ecosystems.”

    Click twice for a much closer look.

    Read all about Supermicro Embedded Solutions:

    What about mini-towers with 12 or 16 core Xeon D motherboards?

    In other words, does the Intel Xeon D-1587 - 16 cores, 32 threads, 24 MB of cache X10SDV-16C+-TLN4F motherboard with a CPU fan that I wrote about recently:

    have a new home in an existing or new mini-tower chassis? Unfortunately, at this time, it appears the answer is no, it's a homeless motherboard. Or, only for roll-your-own solutions, since it's not actually listed on the mini-tower chassis spec pages. At least not yet anyway:

    It would seem that none of the new SKUs announced that start with "SYS-" to indicate a chassis/power supply/cpu/motherboard combination.


    Hang on a second.

    Isn't that the 16 core fanless motherboard X10SDV-16C-TLN4F that I see, on the list of mini-tower chassis compatible motherboards?


    At this time, it would appear there isn't a Supermicro SuperServer mini-tower system with a 16 core Xeon D on board. I've reached out to Supermicro for comment, and will post any updates.

    That said, it does appear the following pieces can be put together to create a very special and supported bundle:

    1. Buy a CSE-721TQ-250B Mini Tower, about $169.
    2. Buy a X10SDV-16C-TLN4F Mini ITX motherboard, about $2230.
    3. Replace bundled 1U-friendly heatsink with Supermicro SNK-C0057A4L heatsink, about $43.
    4. Install a 50mm CPU fan EFB0512HHA-R00, if you can find a place to get quantity one, ideally with the same 4 pin PWM version that Supermicro uses.

    Not as easy as the wonderfully simple turn-key SYS-5028D-TN4T, where you just add your own memory and disk. Also not sure how the warranty of the complete solution would work, just piecemeal I suppose. But still, possible.


    Feb 24 2016 Update

    Pricing of the 16 core Xeon is becoming available. See the only 16 core Xeon D listed at Wiredzone so far, for example (Out of Stock):

    Still no update on availability of any of these new Xeon D motherboards and systems, including the Xeon D-1541 that replaces the Xeon D-1540 in the SYS-5028D-TN4T.

    I did confirm with Supermicro that there are currently no 12 or 16 core systems sold in any mini-tower chassis.

    See also at TinkerTry