Sneak Preview - Build your own vSphere 6 home datacenter in about an hour

Posted by Paul Braren on Feb 2 2015 in
  • ESXi
  • Virtualization
  • I have good news.

    Today, the day vSphere 6 is announced, I'm already ready to show you exactly how I just re-built my home lab today, in about an hour.

    This was done with no DNS server, other than the one typically bundled with that DHCP server in a typical home's WiFi router. That means no reverse lookup.

    Despite all that, if you keep it simple, and stick with hard-coded IPs, SSO auto-configuration in the VCSA appliance now works very nicely.*

    *this video was produced with early 2015 beta code, but the basic install functions demonstrated here are likely to be nearly identical in the GA product. I also show the use of brief trial keys (obscured) from the beta program, I'm hoping once it's GA, I'll be able to use my new EVALExperience 365 day keys, read details at TinkerTry here.

    Once I have the RTM code, I'll be doing a further refined video that'll include adding ASMedia SATA and Realtek NIC support, installing your master templates, and more.

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