Roll-your-own hybrid drive with this SSD upgrade from OCZ

Posted by Paul Braren on Sep 22 2011 (updated on Nov 3 2011) in
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  • Upgrade your large capacity spinning drive with this special 2.5" SSD and Integrated Dataplex™ Caching Software from OCZ

    This drive/software combo looks intriguing, at least in theory, especially if it's just one big cached bootable C: drive you wind up with (it appears so).
    Looking forward to hearing from others as to how it (well) it actually works, but this appears to be the closet we have to a follow-on to 2010's Seagate Momentus XT Hybrid that maxed out at 500GB.

    Engadget article
    OCZ Specifications Site
    RevoDrive manual (manual meant for their PCI version, but may pertain to 2.5" version as well)
    OCZ Synapse Product Sheet


    Sep 27 2011 Update:
    Yes, it appears it's just one drive letter, OCZ apparently gets their software from

    It also appears Diskeeper is in this same SSD caching software for OEMs space

    Oct 09 2011 Update:
    Here's another company (in beta) with read/write caching: