Problems downloading VMware vSphere VMware vCenter Server 5.5 Update 1c Appliance

Posted by Paul Braren on Aug 4 2014 in
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  • **Aug 08 2014 update: click on The Fix! to jump right down to the work-around, discovered after this article was originally published

    Here's the new 5.5.0U1c "Download Product" site:

    along with the Release Notes, which seem to be pretty much about vCloud Automation Center issue resolution, and not much else. Click here for the image on the Disqus thread, to zoom in and have a look at how the authenticated session should look, after a successful login to a partner account.

    What about everybody else? Houston, we currently seem to have a problem. In the past few weeks, I've seen an uptick in folks leaving comments about issues with trying to locate the VCSA (vCenter Server Appliance), see Protools Guru and Ryan. Not just the Jul 22 2014 5.50U1c release, but many other piece of vSphere 5.5 as well. At least the free hypervisor download is still there at

    Back to the appliance. You can try to get it from the Downloads site's vSphere area, but just as folks who try the big bold VC55U1C URL above, you'll likely also face this warning:

    You do not have access to an Account. Check with your Super User, Procurement Contact or Administrator.

    It used to be you could get past most similar 60 day trial issues with a new sign-up. But this time around, even folks that sign-up for brand new login still get this unfortunate warning:

    You either are not entitled or do not have permissions to download this product.
    Check with your My VMware Super User, Procurement Contact or Administrator.

    If you recently purchased this product through VMware Store or through a third-party, try downloading later.
    Download Trial

    and clicking that trial merely gets you more frustration:

    You have not registered for this product.

    where you get to:

    1. sign a "Accept End-User License Agreement"
    2. click "Start a New Evaluation"
    3. click 'VMware vSphere"

    you now get the same

    You have not registered for this product.

    Argh, the infinite loop. Not exactly a great first experience for those wishing to give the appliance a whirl, such as folks that have upgraded a beloved VM to hardware version 10, and would suddenly find the appliance rather helpful:

    You cannot use the vSphere client to edit the settings of virtual machines of version 10 or higher. Use the vSphere Web Client to edit the settings of this virtual machine.

    Of course, I'm looking into this download access issue, as are many of my site visitors. It seems that this problem has likely been around since July 22nd, and I'm just not sure if this is intentional or accidental at this point. We cannot conclude it's some sort of harbinger for vSphere 6. I just don't know. I sure hope not.

    I'll post any findings or breakthroughs I make or hear about this, right here at TinkerTry, subscribe to be notified of all new articles, and drop a comment below as an authenticated user to get email notification of updates to this article's comments.

    For folks that already have a VMware vSphere 5.5 trial of some sort going, there is another option. Backup or do a snapshot, then use the integrated "Update" button at https://vcenter:5480/#update.Status and what a while, then you're all set. You can see what this simple upgrade process looks like in the screenshot below.


    Aug 08 2014 Update:

    The Fix!

    Good news, with the help of Harold Robinson's TinkerTry comment below, and some tips from the VMware licensing folks available at no cost at (877)486-9273, I was able to get to the appliance again. It's the 5.5 Update 1b version, so you'll need to install it, then use the simple "Update" button seen above.

    Here's the easiest way to get the OVA. Yes, I agree, it's a bit silly that it's this hard to locate. Let us know how you do by dropping a comment below.

    1) Visit 'VMware vSphere with Operations Management Product Evaluation Center'

    2) Authenticate

    enter your existing email address or customer number, and password (or sign up for a new one)


    3) Accept End-User License Agreement

    You will have to fill out all red asterisk mandatory fields to continue, then click on the 'Start Free Trial' button:
    See also comments below, warning:

    Just remember TO CLICK THE "START FREE TRIAL" BUTTON ONLY ONCE. Otherwise the free trial registration will fail.


    4) Scroll down past the "Download Packages" heading, and you'll see everything you need, including

    Download the management server

    VMware vCenter Server 5.5 Update 1b and modules
    2014-06-12 | 5.5.0U1b | 3 GB | iso

    which begins the download of VMware-vCenter-Server-Appliance-


    , and simply use the Update tab's "Check Updates" button, and let 'er rip. When prompted to reboot the appliance, do it. You're done!


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