2012: Here's a sampler of what's coming up next...

Posted by Paul Braren on Jan 7 2012 in
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  • Thank you for returning to TinkerTry for 2012, stay tuned!

    To know what's coming up in January, no crystal ball is required. In addition to covering my trip to CES in just 3 days, he're some of what's already lurking in my drafts folder:

    • VMware Converter 101 & 201
    • Add right-click search to context-sensitive Windows 7 menus
    • RocketU 1144A 4 port USB 3.0 Adapter for ESXi VMDirectPath
    • EaseUS Disk Copy (free) for disk-to-disk bit-for-bit identical cloning
    • Change Taskbar icon arrangements to be more space efficient
    • vZilla deep-dive virtualization videos & studio photos, including time-lapse assembly video
    • vZilla storage strategy becomes reality
    • Ooma Telo & Vonage compared
    • Windows 8 Storage Spaces
    • Efficient LED Ceiling Lighting

    Please consider a quick comment below, to let us all know what you'd like see published first.

    Thank you for returning to TinkerTry in 2012!