Insteon Smoke Bridge 2982-222

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    Insteon Smoke Bridge 2982-222 on Amazon here.

    The marriage of a smoke alarm and an Insteon home automation system can allow you to get automatic alerts on your smarthphone. Wouldn't you like to know whenever a smoke, fire, or carbon monoxide alarm goes off at your home, even when you're far from home? With no monthly subscription?

    Get started by reading
    My home’s First Alert ONELINK system for smoke and carbon monoxide detection includes voiced warnings, with optional smartphone alerts

    then have a look at the family of products
    First Alert ONELINK Items

    then you'll understand that the
    Insteon Smoke Bridge 2982-222
    allows these 2 product families to communicate.

    Released in 2003, this small plug in module bridges (connects) the Insteon wireless network with the ONELINK wireless network communications. For me, this was a great find, since I had already bought into Insteon back in 2008, and ONELINK back in 2010. This product works, and works well, alerting your smartphone to any smoke or CO Detector alerts, even when you're not at home. Video footage of the configuration shown below, with an actual smoke test and phone alert!

    This exciting new capability gives me faith more cool stuff is coming, and that I made the right choice when going with Insteon, back in 2008. This family of products are meeting my growing needs nicely.

    Here's a list of the 4 most common homeowners insurance claims:

    1. Water Damage
    2. Accidents
    3. Animal Attacks
    4. Fire Claims

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    Sep 26 2013 Update:
    See also Insteon Smoke Hub and Leak Detector by pcdoc on Jul 09 2013


    Sep 28 2013 Update:
    A smart smoke detector dubbed Protect. Nest is jumping into the same market, with release of this subscription free add-on expected by year end. Likely to be more costly.
    Report: Smart Thermostat Maker Nest Building Smoke Detector by Stephanie Mlot Sep 25 2013

    Nest also opening up their API to developers.
    Nest Labs To Open Up Its Learning Thermostat To Developers