Featured on "Home Gadget Geeks" Episode #174 "Haswell Issues with 32GB of RAM, VMware vSphere ESXi 5.5, OpenVPN, Azure Services"

Posted by Paul Braren on Jul 5 2014 in
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  • Always fun with Jim and Christian around, have a listen!

    Paul Braren from TinkerTry.com (https://tinkertry.com/) and Twitter (https://twitter.com/tinkererguy) and Christian Johnson (@TheWizBM) join Jim (@jcollison) and for show #174 of Home Tech Podcast brought to you by the Average Guy Network, part of http://thegeeksnetwork.com/ community.  Paul covers virtualization topics like building your own VMware vSphere ESXi 5.5, Haswell Z97 issues with more than 32GB of RAM.  Christian had some questions around OpenVPN on a VM and Jim continue to tout Microsoft Azure as an option to the Home Server.

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