TinkerTry.com's first Google+ Hangout, Sat. April 21st @3pm eastern

Posted by Paul Braren on Apr 17 2012 in
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  • Got comments on an article you read here? Bring your questions and yourself to TinkerTry.com's first Google+ Hangout! Planning to do some screen sharing as well.

    Live viewing opportunity:
    I may also use XSplit Broadcaster to stream the Google+ Hangout to justin.tv/tinkertry, for those who prefer to "live lurk" instead. Not sure yet if I'll also keep the recording, let's see how it goes!

    Please start by following me at plus.google.com/108099269416006256371/posts.
    At the start of the event, visit the above site then try to get my attention on Google's integrated chat (screenshot below)
    I'll likely then invite you into the hangout, depending upon how many folks show up. Of course, I have no control over who shows up, but isn't that the fun part?

    Test your webcam/browser:
    One quick and easy thing you can do in advance is hook up your webcam, then test out your configuration and/or plugin:

    1) At the upper right corner, just click the "Start a hangout"
    This is just to bring up settings, nothing actually happens unless you invite somebody:


    2) Once you get past any plugin questions, click on the little gearbox thingie (very Chrome like):


    3) Make sure all your settings appear good to go, try "Play test sound," and "Save Settings" when done