Save on an impressive LED Light Bulb for your ceiling fixture

Posted by Paul Braren on Jul 14 2011 (updated on Mar 22 2013) in
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  • EcoSmart E26 10.5-Watt (65W) LED Down light Light Bulb (CR6 by Cree)

    Compared to a traditional incandescent 65 watt flood lights, these LEDs pay for themselves in electricity savings in <5 years, and dim a little lower than the dimmable compact fluorescent bulbs, and put out far less heat than either bulb type.

    Attractive, efficient (just 10.5 watts each), but unfortunately still pricey in Connecticut, $49.97 each:

    Here’s some buys comments I found, when shopping around back in February of 2011.

    They dim extremely low and still give off warm light. They work perfectly with our Lutron dimmers.

    "This is the energy-efficient bulb I have been waiting for all my life!! I bought one of these just to test the waters, installed it, and then went back and bought as many as they had on the shelf (here in MA they are $20, I understand they are more expensive elsewhere). This bulb is ASTOUNDING. It is 100% on right away (doesn't need to warm up), has a nice warm light (no blue!), and is fully dimmable. Just be aware: it is available for 6" housing ONLY. You will be sorely disappointed if you have 4 or 5" housings."

    The reviews on Home Depot’s site are quite favorable, as well as other sites talking highly of Cree.  So I had to try for myself, given these bulbs will be running an average of 5-10 hours per day, particularly in the winter.

    So I changed my “LOCAL STORE” button near the top-right to Massachusetts, and then the same bulb showed a price of  only $19.97.  Given I needed 3, well worth a bit of a drive to buy them!

    More important, it all worked out great, my existing Lutron dimmer works just fine with these 3 bright lights, and they look far better than the can fixture/compact fluorescent/trim rings combination that I had there before them.

    Oct 13 2011 Update:
    my existing non-CFL, non-LED designed dimmer has now gone belly up after a few months (wavering brightness), so I'm going to give this design from smarthome a try

    which is on the compatibility list:

    Oct 15 2011 Update:
    One 153PH squeaks when using the toggle, the other didn't work at all (no lights at any brightness setting), both getting returned to Amazon

    So, took another look at Leviton, nothing designed specifically for LED with adjustable bottom (low brightness cutoff)

    Back to Lutron it seems. Spotted this Lutron Product Report Card and this CREE LED Lighting Recommended Dimmers for CR6 Downlights, but only the Lutron site mentions the
    Lutron DVSCCL-153P-TP Diva Dimmable CFL/LED Dimmer, Taupe for $32.63. Decided to try that model, based on design and price.  Wish a simple up/down toggle that dims based on position were available from any company, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Other Lutron models are around $70, like the Skylark SF-10P, that's just way too much.  Will see how it goes.

    Dec 28 2011 Update:
    whole new article/write-up, now that I know the Lutron has worked out: 

    So, apparently the local utilities sometimes discount these bulbs heavily, but only in the state that utility subsidizes.

    Given pricing varies so widely, it may be worth your while to shop around!