CES Coverage Preview

Posted by Paul Braren on Jan 15 2012 (updated on Jan 18 2012) in
  • CES
  • A lot of the press swooped in and scooped the latest announcements at CES on Sunday and Monday. So by the time I arrived Tuesday, it seemed the press was done with walking around and visiting booths, and more intent on pounding out story after story on their laptops, in solitude. I saw this first hand, at the largely hidden press area, with its rows and rows-and-rows of Internet-equipped tables and printers.

    So, rather than hide behind a keyboard all week, I tried a different strategy. I took in as many sites and sounds as I could, quickly, visiting a variety of company booths, recording audio and video along the way. Much of it in 720p. Bandwidth constraints & network congestion prevented me from uploading the content while at CES anyway, as AT&T 3G (iPhone 4) & Verizon LTE and 3G (MiFi 4510L) were both very nearly unusable.

    Instead, I spent most of the time asking a lot of questions. While the informal interviews I produced aren't as polished as private appointments in sound proof rooms, I feel these visits were the most effective use of my time in Las Vegas, because the quality of the staff that companies put at these booths was quite impressive.

    These were pretty much off-the-cuff, unrehearsed booth visits, where I ask tech questions with a focus on virtualization, and/or energy efficiency, and get many on-the-spot answers.

    I hope you enjoy the many articles & videos coming up, starting tonight!