CES 2012 Day 3

Posted by Paul Braren on Jan 13 2012 (updated on Jan 15 2012) in
  • CES
  • Another fantastic day, packed in a lot of visits, and squeezed in a lot of questions, and actually got a lot of on-the-spot answers.

    Also got some more informal interview videos at Seagate and Ooma and others, will post details and pics and videos when I get back home, where the internet actually works!

    Here's some of the other companies I visited today:
    Belkin, ASUS, Samsung, Sony, LG, Microsoft, Intel, Nokia, Schlage, Yale Locks, Verizon.

    Awake at 5am tomorrow for indirect route home (via 4 hr layover in San Francisco, which saved hundreds). Sure wish I didn't have to leave quite yet!

    Becky Woorley seen in the photo below, prepping for an ABC segment like this one, in the shiny, purple-and-blue Microsoft area: