Featured on “The Home Server Show” BYOB Episode #66

Posted by Paul Braren on Nov 13 2011 (updated on Dec 3 2011) in
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  • I'm honored to have been invited to the BYOB (Build Your Own Box) podcast #66, where I'll get to chat with some amazing hardware guys for about an hour.

    Really nice of pcdoc, aka Mike Faucher, of "The Full Fo-Shay" fame, to mention this guest appearance just 1 minute into the recent BYOB Episode 65.

    Update: Live event has ended!

    Click livestream.com/byobpodcast to join the fun of the live broadcast, and online chat, starting at 10:30pm eastern time this Monday, November 14th!

    Shownotes, listen, and subscribe buttons now available at BYOB Episode 66(please ignore the strange strike-thru problem, the link does work)