Once ESXi 5.1 is released, I'll do another "Build your own VMware vSphere ESXi 5 Datacenter, starting with one PC"

Posted by Paul Braren on Aug 5 2012 (updated on Sep 3 2013) in
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    I've received a lot of feedback on this admittedly rather long YouTube video:
    Build your own VMware vSphere ESXi 5 Datacenter, starting with one PC

    Next time around, I'll start from zero again, configuring a factory default BIOS, all the way through deploying VMs from templates, much as I outlined in the original post from Jan 23 2012:

    I'll also be building the vCenter Appliance 5.0.1 (or later) from scratch as well, with DB2 now replaced with PostgreSQL:

    None of my existing VMs will be lost, meaning, this video will also demonstrate how to re-install everything, without loosing any VMs.

    See also this helpful article:
    The why and how of building a vSphere lab for work or home

    Finally, you’ll need software to run in your home lab. For the hypervisor you can utilize the free version of ESXi but this provides you with limited functionality and features. If you want to use all the vSphere features you can also utilize the evaluation version of vSphere, which is good for 60-days. However, you’ll need to re-install periodically once the license expires. If you happen to be a VMware vExpert, one of the perks is that you are provided with 1-year (Not For Resale) NFR licenses each year.  If you’re really in a pinch, oftentimes you can...
    Hopefully vSphere Client will work well under Windows 8 RTM by then, as I use improved audio, full 1920x1080 video, and fresh new production tools. Very much looking forward to producing this, for you, my valued site visitors, hopefully soon!

    Sep 03 2013 Update:
    It's here! See Build your own VMware vSphere Datacenter in under an hour with the free ESXi 5.5 hypervisor