PC Perspective's Allyn Malventano and This Week in Computer Hardware's Patrick Norton talk storage tech - NASs, NVMe, M.2, StableBit, 3D XPoint, a great listen

Long road trips and podcasts go together nicely, such as my recent 2 hour Saturday excursion to a Microsoft focus group gathered by Paul Thurrott. Boy was I entertained and educated as I drove, and I kept thinking that it would sure seem likely that folks who visit TinkerTry would love to hear this great information, especially if you've read my recent articles about NVMe SSD speeds under Windows 10 and VMware ESXi 6.0, and/or my comprehensive home lab storage strategy. So it is without further ado that I present to you all the right bookmarks, or is that earmarks. Hand-picked for your holiday listening pleasure. Each link jumps you to just the right spot, enjoy!


PC Perspective Podcast: 378 - 12/10/15

with Josh Walrath, Jeremy Hellstrom, Allyn Malventano, and Sebastian Peak.
Full podcast, video, shownotes, and subscription links here.

This Week in Computer Hardware: TWiCH 344: A Song of Drives and NAS

with Patrick Norton and Allyn Malventano.
Full podcast, video and subscription links here.

  • Why Samsung 850 EVO SSD?
    It's the fast writes, and up to 2TB capacity, baby!

  • NASs, Western Digital Red, Stablebit Drive Pool
    Just listen, all kinds of good info.

  • 3D XPoint (pronounced crosspoint)
    2016 is looking rather exciting, read more about XPoint on PC Perspective here and the wiki here. Who doesn't love a look into the future, with what could be the first breakthrough in storage and memory in decades.

  • NAS Upgrade Strategy
    A safe, logical approach. I just moved about 10TB of data these past 5 days doing some housekeeping, and yeah, it sure took a while!

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