Superguide: gZilla, tZilla, & vZilla are born! (gaming, thinkpad, & virtualization)

All of these systems have a focus on energy efficiency, with few frills to needlessly burn up watts. Built for the long haul, to serve my family's needs for the next 3-4 years. And they're pretty much bricks if access is unauthorized (RAID encryption, HDD passwords, etc). The content here is dynamic, so enjoy a glimpse now, but don't forget to revisit later for new additions to the family!

**Powerful, Efficient, and Fast**

Gaming system for family fun

ThinkPad W520 Core i7 laptop workstation with mSATA SSD bliss,
topped off with 2TB RAID0 frosting

Virtualization 24x7 lab, for all my system backups,
and my ESXi and Hyper-V self-training needs

Mac Mini with Core i5, running Mac OS X and Windows 8 VM and dual boot,
with 2 2.5" drives and SSD goodness

Windows 8 touchscreen Ultrabook/convertable fun,
the Lenovo Yoga 13


photo courtesy of, Energy Star logo added by tinkererguy